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What Is a Forever Stamp and Latest Prices(Updated)

What Is a Forever Stamp and Latest Prices

Have you ever found yourself rummaging through drawers, desperately searching for an extra stamp to mail that last-minute birthday card or an urgent piece of mail?
We’ve all been there, frantically trying to wring the right amount of postage to ensure our precious messages reach their destinations.
But what if there was a solution that could alleviate this postal predicament?
Enter the mysterious world of Forever Stamps.
These unassuming little pieces of adhesive have sparked curiosity and confusion, leaving many to wonder: What exactly is a Forever Stamp?
In this article, we’ll journey to demystify these postage treasures and unravel the secrets behind their remarkable permanence.
So, please grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and let’s explore the time-defying realm of Forever Stamps.

What Is a Forever Stamp?

What Is a Forever Stamp

The United States Postal Service (USPS) makes and sells the Forever stamp. The word “Forever” on the stamp means that it can be used to mail standard letter-size packages even if the postage goes up in the future.

In other words, once you buy a Forever stamp, it can still be used to send an ounce of mail even if the price of sending mail goes up in the future.
For example, if you buy a “Forever” stamp for $0.55 and the postage rate goes up to $0.60, your “Forever” stamp will still cover the cost of sending a one-ounce letter without extra postage. The value of a “Forever” stamp is good for life, which is how it got its name.
There are also Forever stamps that can only be used for certain things:
For example, you could send another ounce of weight, an envelope that can’t be opened, or a letter.
The function of the stamp is written on it: the domestic weight goes up by one ounce, which is shown by the words “Additional Ounce”; an irregular envelope can be mailed with a permanent stamp that says “Non-processable Surcharge”; printed on standard postcards are the words “Additional Ounce” and “Non-processable Surcharge.” It says “postcard” on it.
You could put a regular Forever® stamp on the postcard, but that would be a waste of the price difference between letter stamps and postcard stamps.
You should always have stamps even if you don’t send many letters. This could save you a few dollars over time.
Here is a list of the different words that are written on stamps and what they mean:

Printed Word/PhraseMeaning and Usage
ForeverStamp has permanent validity for mailing one-ounce letters.
DenominationSpecific monetary value indicating the stamp’s face value.
Non-denominatedStamp sold at a predetermined rate based on category.
Non-Machineable SurchargeAdditional fee for non-standard mail items requiring manual processing.
Commemorative TextAdditional words or phrases related to a theme or event.
AirmailStamp for international or intercontinental mail by air.
Priority MailStamp for expedited delivery within a specific timeframe.
Express MailStamp for fastest possible delivery of time-sensitive items.
PostcardStamp specifically designed for standard-sized postcards.
First-ClassStamp for standard-sized envelopes and letters.

When it comes to Forever Stamps, a common question that often comes up is “Do Forever Stamps expire?

It’s natural to wonder how long these stamps will last and whether their value will remain the same over time.
Let’s move on to the next section and see Do the forever stamps expire?

Do Forever Stamps Expire?

Do Forever Stamps Expire

The answer is that forever stamps never expire.
As the name suggests, these stamps are made to keep their value forever, even if postage prices go up or down.
This means that you can still use Forever stamps you bought years ago to send a one-ounce letter without paying any more postage.

And don’t worry about it running out.
Between 1980 and 2010, there were 14 times when first-class stamp prices went up. Friends who buy a lot of stamps or send a lot of mail will need to buy an extra cent or two of stamps to put on their mail envelopes, which many people think is a bother.
Forever stamps are the answer to this problem.

No matter what the current first-class stamp is, it is always considered worth the same amount. You can use forever stamps for international sending, but you’ll have to pay more for postage. They are worth the same as first-class stamps on the day they are mailed, which is enough for domestic letters but not enough for international letters. This is also true for too heavy letters; you will have to add more stamps.
Forever stamps don’t run out, as our answer says.
Forever Stamps are convenient and give you peace of mind because you don’t have to worry about changing postage rates. You can always be ready to send your mail.
The Forever stamp is a very famous stamp because of this.
So, do you know if the stamps you use will last forever?
Read more!

How Do I Know if My Stamp Is a Forever Stamp?

How Do I Know if My Stamp Is a Forever Stamp

To determine if your stamp is a Forever Stamp in the United States, there are a few ways you can identify them:

  1. Look for the Word “Forever”: Forever Stamps are marked with the word “Forever” on the stamp itself. It may be located in the design or text area of the stamp.
  2. Check for a Denomination of “Forever”: Some Forever Stamps have the denomination marked as “Forever” instead of a specific monetary value. This indicates that the stamp can be used for the current one-ounce letter rate, regardless of future rate changes.
  3. Absence of a Denomination Amount: Forever Stamps may not display a specific monetary value, such as $0.55 or $0.60. Instead, they rely solely on the “Forever” designation to indicate their value.
  4. Consult the Postal Service: If you are unsure about a particular stamp, you can contact your local post office or visit the official website of the United States Postal Service (USPS) for clarification. They can provide information on the stamp’s validity and current usage.
    Using these methods, you can quickly identify whether a stamp is a Forever Stamp. Remember, Forever Stamps in the United States remain valid for mailing a one-ounce letter, regardless of future price changes.
    When you use our method above for verification or look up pictures online, you may find that the forever on the forever stamp you see in the search engine has been crossed out!
    Why is this?
    I also had doubts about this question at first.
    Later, I knew the answer!
    You must be surprised…

Why Is Forever Crossed Out on the Forever Stamp?

Why Is Forever Crossed Out on the Forever Stamp

Many people are confused about why the word Forever is crossed out when looking at the Forever® stamp design.
Why was Forever crossed out on the stamp?
A quick answer: it’s a way to prevent fraud, making stamps harder to counterfeit by duplicating the image previewed online and printing it on self-adhesive paper.
When you buy stamps, you’ll find that the word “forever,” or any other use like “postcard,” isn’t crossed out.
For viewing purposes, you can see what your stamps will look like in an online preview without digital thieves being able to copy the images, illegally print their counterfeit stamps, and possibly even sell them to you!
If you want to buy forever stamps in 2023, here’s what you need to know about forever stamp prices.

How Much Is a Forever Stamp (2023)?

How Much Is a Forever Stamp (2023)

The “forever” stamp for standard first-class letters sells for 63 cents.
Over the years, to resist inflation, the price of Forever stamps has continuously increased:
On July 10, 2022, the price of the Forever stamp will increase from 58 cents to 60 cents.
Subsequently, on January 22, 2023, the price increased, reaching its current value of 63 cents.

Although you have an idea of the current price of permanent stamps, we all know that stamp prices can change at any time.

When do forever stamps go up in price?

When Do Forever Stamps Go Up in Price?

When Do Forever Stamps Go Up in Price

STATEN ISLAND, New York — Soon, you’ll have to pay more to mail a letter.

What happened?
The United States Postal Service (USPS) raised the cost of Forever First-Class stamps this year.
Beginning July 9, 2023, the cost of a Forever stamp or mailing a one-ounce letter will increase from 63 cents to 66 cents.
Mailing a metered one-ounce letter will increase from 60 cents to 63 cents. Additional letter ounces will remain at 24 cents. Postcards will cost 51 cents, up from 48 cents. An ounce letter or postcard sent to another country will increase from $1.45 to $1.50.
The proposed prices, which USPS governors would approve, would increase First-Class Mail prices by about 5.4 percent to offset higher inflation, according to the USPS.
This is the second price increase in 2023 since the first price adjustment took effect on January 22.
Here is a summary of The History of Postage Rates for you in the United States:

The History of Postage Rates in the United States(1863-2022)
Effective dataPer ½ Ounce
March 3, 18633¢    
October 1, 18832¢     
Per Ounce
July 1, 18852¢     
November 3, 19173¢    
July 1, 19192¢    
Sometime in 1898 1¢     
July 6, 19323¢     
January 1, 1952     
August 1, 1958    3¢     
January 7, 19634¢    
January 7, 19686¢    5¢     
May 16, 19716¢     
March 2, 1974    10¢    8¢    
Each  Additional  Ounce    
September 14, 197510¢7¢    
December 31, 1975    13¢11¢9¢    
May 29, 197815¢13¢10¢    
March 22, 198118¢17¢    12¢    
November 1, 198120¢17¢    13¢    
February 17, 1985    22¢17¢14¢    
April 3, 198825¢20¢    15¢    
February 3, 1991    29¢23¢19¢    
January 1, 199532¢    23¢20¢    
January 10, 199933¢22¢20¢    
January 7, 200134¢21¢20¢    
July 1, 200134¢23¢21¢
June 30, 200237¢23¢24¢
January 8, 200639¢24¢24¢
May 14, 200741¢    17¢26¢    
May 12, 200842¢    17¢27¢    
May 11, 2009    44¢    17¢28¢    
April 17, 2011    44¢    20¢29¢    
January 22, 201245¢    20¢32¢    
January 27, 201346¢    20¢33¢    
January 26, 201449¢    21¢34¢    
May 31, 2015    49¢    22¢35¢    
April 10, 201647¢    21¢34¢    
January 22, 201749¢    21¢34¢    
January 21, 201850¢    21¢35¢    
January 27, 201955¢    20¢36¢    
August 29, 202158¢    20¢40¢    
July 10, 202260¢    24¢44¢    
The History of Postage Rates in the United States(1863-2022)


In conclusion, the advent of Forever Stamps has forever transformed the postage world.
As we’ve delved into their meaning and usage, we’ve discovered that these unassuming stamps offer a timeless convenience that transcends the ever-changing landscape of postal rates.
Whether it’s a heartfelt letter, an important document, or a festive greeting, Forever Stamps ensures that our messages can reach their intended recipients without worrying about additional postage.
So, the next time you hold a Forever Stamp, remember its extraordinary power to defy time and deliver your sentiments with unwavering reliability.
Embrace the magic of Forever Stamps and let your mail embark on a journey that knows no expiration.



Toney Renteria, born into a family with a deep-rooted passion for stamps, has dabbled in philately since childhood. As Toney matured, his passion for stamps led him to pursue a career in the world of philately. His extensive knowledge and experience in the field have been accumulated through many years of active participation and dedicated work. From assisting with stamp valuations and appraisals to curating rare and unique stamp collections, Tony's expertise knows no bounds. Today, Toney Renteria is proud to share his wealth of knowledge and insights as a Marconisp stamp columnist.

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