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When Do Forever Stamps Go Up in Price?

when do forever stamps go up in price

Picture this: You’re standing in line at the post office, clutching a stack of letters and praying that the line moves quickly. You finally reach the counter, only to discover that the stamp price has risen again. The clerk gives you a sympathetic look as you fumble through your purse for extra change. And it’s left for you alone to think: when do forever stamps go up in price?
Sound familiar? Well, fear not, dear reader!
There’s a solution to this never-ending cycle of stamp price increases: Forever Stamps. Regardless of when you bought them, you may mail a one-ounce letter using these little pieces of paper. It’s like having a secret weapon against the post office’s nefarious plans to drain our wallets!
In this article, we’ll take a look at when Forever Stamps go up in price and how you can prepare for the next increase. So, let’s dive in!

What’s the Difference Between Forever Stamps and Regular Stamps?

When it comes to postage stamps, there are two main types: regular stamps and Forever Stamps.
Regular stamps have a fixed price that depends on the current postage rate. For example, if the postage rate is 55 cents for a one-ounce letter, a regular stamp with a face value of 55 cents would be required to mail that letter.
However, Forever Stamps are a special postage stamp type with a value equivalent to the current postage rate, regardless of when they were used or purchased. This means if you purchased a Forever Stamp when the postage rate was 50 cents and used it to mail a one-ounce letter, it would still be valid even if the postage rate had increased to 60 cents.
Forever Stamps are designed to help individuals and businesses save money on postage in the long run, especially during periods of frequent postage rate increases. Next, let’s take a look at the price changes of Forever Stamps in previous years.

when do forever stamps go up in price

Forever Stamps Historical Prices

Here is a table of Forever Stamps’ historical prices:

The table above shows the pricing history of Forever Stamps, dating back to April 12, 2007, when the USPS first introduced them.
It’s important to note that the price of Forever Stamps is not directly tied to inflation or any other economic indicators but is instead set by the USPS based on their operational costs and other factors. Knowing the historical pricing of Forever Stamps can help individuals plan for future postage needs and budget accordingly.

Forever Stamps Future Price Trends

The future price trend of Forever Stamps is expected to follow the historical trend of gradual price increases over time. The USPS has stated that they aim to keep price increases at or below 2.5% annually, but this is not guaranteed.
It’s also important to note that there may be additional factors that can impact future price trends. For example, the cost of manufacturing, transportation, and labor can all impact the price of postage, so the USPS may need to adjust the stamp pricing. Despite these variables, the steady increase in Forever Stamps’ pricing over the years indicates that they will continue to rise in the future.
While it’s impossible to know for certain what the future holds, staying informed and prepared can help navigate potential changes in the price of Forever Stamps. We also came up with some solutions to deal with the price increase of Forever Stamps. Keep reading.

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How to Prepare for the Next Forever Stamps Price Increase?

You can’t miss the following specific steps to prepare for the next Forever Stamp price increase:

  1. Buy Forever Stamps in bulk: Buy many Forever Stamps before the next price increase. You can save money by purchasing them in bulk because the price of stamps may increase again in the future.
  2. Stock up on other stamp denominations: Besides Forever Stamps, you can also stock up on other stamp denominations. For example, you can buy First-Class Mail, Priority Mail, or International Mail stamps to be prepared for the next postage price increase.
  3. Check the USPS website for updates: Keep an eye on the USPS website for any updates on the postage rates. The USPS usually announces a postage rate increase a few weeks in advance.
  4. Plan ahead: If you know that you will be mailing many packages soon, purchase enough stamps to cover the postage cost.
  5. Explore alternative mailing options: Consider alternative mailing options, such as email or online bill payments, for some of your mailing needs.

By following these steps, you can prepare for the next Forever Stamp price increase and control your mailing costs.


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