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The 5 Most Collectible Global Forever Stamps

The 5 Most Collectible Global Forever Stamps

Imagine holding a small piece of history in your hands—a miniature work of art that travels across continents, capturing moments in time and representing cultures from around the world.
That’s the beauty of collecting stamps, the most popular of which are the Global Forever stamps.
These stamps, issued by various countries, offer collectors an avenue to explore the richness of global heritage through intricate designs and captivating themes.
In this article, we delve into the world of philately and uncover five of the most collectible Global Forever stamps that have received international acclaim.
From rare editions to stunning visuals, each stamp tells its own unique story, captivating collectors with its beauty and cultural significance.
So join us as we delve into the fascinating world of philately and discover the treasures that make these Forever Stamps from around the world truly extraordinary.

What is a Global Forever Stamp?

You may have started collecting stamps at a young age, or you may have inherited a nice stamp collection from your parents, grandparents, and/or relatives, or you may have found an interesting stamp collection at a yard sale. So how much do you know about the concept of different stamps? Do you know what the Global Forever stamp is?

What is a Global Forever Stamp

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has been issuing the Global Forever Stamp. It is designed for international mail and can be used to send letters or standard-size postcards to destinations outside the United States.
The key feature of the Global Forever stamp is that it is valid for mailing at the current First-Class Mail International one-ounce letter rate, regardless of future postage price increases. This means that once you purchase a Global Forever stamp, you can use it to send international mail without adding additional postage, even if postage rates have increased since the date of purchase.
What is the difference between global forever stamp and forever stamp?
The Forever Stamp is a postage stamp issued by the United States Postal Service (USPS). The key feature of the Forever stamp is that it retains its value regardless of future postage increases.
When you purchase a Forever stamp at its current price, it can be used to mail a 1-ounce letter or standard-size postcard within the United States, even with future postage increases.
Essentially, Forever Stamps provide a guarantee that they will always be valid at current domestic first-class mail rates.
All in all, the Forever Stamp is mainly used for domestic mail within the United States, while the Global Forever Stamp is designed for international mail, providing a convenient option for individuals to send mail to foreign destinations. Both stamps have the benefit of maintaining their value over time, allowing them to be used even with future postage increases.
So, here comes the question: How Much is a Global Forever Stamp?

How Much is a Global Forever Stamp?

How Much is a Global Forever Stamp

The Worldwide Forever stamp costs $1.45 in the United States. This price covers the cost of sending a one-ounce letter or standard-size postcard internationally, regardless of the destination country. It is important to note that postage rates may change over time, so it is recommended that you check with your local postal service or visit their official website for the latest pricing information.

Now that you have understood the concept and value of Global Forever stamps, here are five types of Global Forever stamps with collection value that you can learn about.

The 5 Most Collectible Global Forever Stamps

2017 Global Forever Stamps – Moon

2017 Global Forever Stamps - Moon

The 2017 Global Forever Stamps – Moon present a captivating image of Earth’s celestial companion. Its captivating design captures the mystical allure of the moon, symbolizing humanity’s fascination with the universe. This stamp reflects our eternal connection to the universe and our desire to explore and learn about the heavenly realms.Collectors interested in astronomy, space exploration, and celestial phenomena will find the 2017 Lunar stamps particularly attractive. Its unique themes and artistic expression make it a fascinating work for those passionate about the wonders of the universe.

2018 Global Forever Stamp – Poinsettia

2018 Global Forever Stamp - Poinsettia

The 2018 Global Forever Stamps – Poinsettia showcases the delicate beauty of the iconic red poinsettia flower, a staple of the festive season. The stamp’s vibrant colors and fine detail capture the essence of this much-loved plant. Poinsettias have deep cultural significance, representing love, celebration, and renewal, making them the perfect subject for a commemorative stamp.
Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the 2018 Forever Global Stamp – Poinsettia holds great significance in the philatelic world. Stamp collectors appreciate the commemorative nature of the stamp as a keepsake of 2018 and the holidays. Collectors who specialize in holiday-themed stamps or who are interested in floral motifs are especially drawn to the allure of this unique philatelic creation.

Forever Global Stamps 2019 – Coral Reefs

Forever Global Stamps 2019 - Coral Reefs

The 2019 Global Forever Stamps – Coral Reefs showcase the vibrant beauty of underwater ecosystems and emphasize the importance of ocean conservation. Its intricate design features colorful coral reefs teeming with diverse marine life, serving as a reminder of the fragility and importance of these fragile ecosystems.
Collectors interested in marine life, environmental protection, and protecting the natural wonders of our planet will appreciate the 2019 Coral Reef stamps. Its visually stunning design and environmental message make it an attractive addition to a themed collection.

2020 Global Forever Stamps – Earth Day

2020 Global Forever Stamps - Earth Day

The 2020 Global Forever Stamps – Earth Day feature a captivating design that showcases the Earth in all its splendor. The stamp depicts a blue planet against a backdrop of lush greenery, symbolizing the importance of sustainable living and the conservation of natural resources. These images serve as visual calls to action, urging individuals to take responsibility for the well-being of our planet.
The 2020 Global Forever Stamps – Earth Day have great appeal to collectors interested in environmental causes, global awareness, and Earth Day observances. Its thought-provoking design and alignment with the values of sustainability and conservation make it an attractive addition to a themed collection.

2021 Global Forever Stamps – Lunar New Year

2021 Global Forever Stamps - Lunar New Year

The 2021 Global Forever Stamps – Lunar New Year design is a visual feast, showcasing vibrant colors and beautiful illustrations representing Lunar New Year traditions. It features auspicious symbols such as dragons, lanterns, or zodiac animals, depending on the specific year celebrated. This stamp symbolizes good luck, prosperity, and the renewal of energy as people welcome a new lunar cycle.
The 2021 Global Forever Stamps – Lunar New Year are a huge draw for collectors interested in cultural celebrations, traditions, and Asian heritage. Its attractive design and representation of Chinese New Year celebrations make it an attractive addition to a themed collection focused on cultural diversity and celebrations. Stamp lovers who appreciate the artistry and symbolism associated with the Lunar New Year will find this stamp particularly enticing.
People collect stamps for a variety of reasons. Of course, every stamp collector hopes that one day their prized stamp collection will be worth a fortune in stamp value. If you think so, do you know how to judge the value of stamps?

How to Judge the Collection Value of Stamps (5 WAYS)

How to Judge the Collection Value of Stamps

To determine stamp values, you have several methods at your disposal. Luckily, there are effective ways to assess their worth by following these steps:

  1. Consult Stamp Catalogs:
    ○ Begin by consulting reputable stamp catalogs such as Scott, Stanley Gibbons, or Michel.
    ○ Using identifying features like the stamp’s country of origin, issue year, and design, locate it in the catalog.
    ○ Take note of the catalog value assigned to the stamp based on its condition.
  2. Research Recent Sales:
    ○ Another method is to research recent sales of similar stamps in online marketplaces, auctions, or stamp dealer websites.
    Pay attention to the prices at which these stamps were bought or sold, considering factors like condition, rarity, and demand.
    ○ Compare these prices to assess the value of your stamp.
  3. Seek Expert Appraisals:
    ○ Alternatively, you can seek the expertise of professional stamp appraisers or experienced collectors.
    ○ Provide them with detailed information about your stamp, including its condition and any unique characteristics.
    ○ Obtain their assessment of the stamp’s value based on their market knowledge and insights.
  4. Evaluate Philatelic Demand:
    ○ Additionally, consider researching the stamp’s popularity among collectors and enthusiasts.
    ○ Take into account factors such as historical significance, thematic relevance, or scarcity.
    ○ Engage with online forums, stamp collecting communities, or social media groups to discuss and evaluate stamps.
  5. Consider Condition and Quality:
    ○ Lastly, don’t forget to evaluate the condition of your stamp, paying attention to factors like gum, centering, perforations, and any damage or flaws.
    ○ Utilize grading systems or guides to accurately assess the condition.
    By utilizing these methods and linking them together, you can make informed judgments about the value of your stamp collection. Remember to consider multiple factors and consult experts when needed for a comprehensive assessment.
From:Stanley Gibbons


All in all, the world of philately offers a fascinating journey through history, culture, and art. The five most collectible Global Forever stamps presented in this article represent different themes and have significant philatelic value. Whether it’s the 2017 Global Forever Stamps – Moon or the captivating 2018 Global Forever Stamps – Poinsettia, each stamp tells a story and has its own unique charm.
Whether you are a seasoned collector or just beginning your philatelic adventure, these stamps offer exciting opportunities to enrich your collection and delve into the richness of postal history around the world.
When you embark on a stamp collecting journey, remember to explore the vast collection of stamps available and enjoy the thrill of discovering hidden treasures. Happy collecting!


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