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How Much Is a Postcard Stamp(Official News)

I remember once being in such a rush to send a postcard to my grandma that I didn’t even bother to check the stamps’ price.

I confidently walked up to the post office counter, dropped my postcard, and handed over a handful of coins, thinking I had enough to buy the stamp. The clerk’s response was not what I expected. “That’s not enough,” he said, grinning. “Do you want to send it by horse and buggy?” Feeling a little embarrassed, I handed over more money until I had enough for the postcard stamp.
But the experience got me thinking: how much is a postcard stamp anyway? So I did some research to satisfy my curiosity.
In this article, we will explore the factors that affect the price of postcard stamps. We’ll also offer some advice on how to save money on postcard stamps. Please keep reading, so that you’ll never get caught off guard at the post office.

What Affects the Cost of a Postcard Stamp?

Several factors can affect the cost of postcard stamps, and the following are some of the main ones to keep in mind:

  1. Postal Regulations: Postal authorities establish regulations that determine the pricing structure for different types of mail, including postcards. Changes in these regulations can lead to adjustments in the cost of postcard stamps.
  2. Postal Service Policies: The policies and strategies of the postal service can impact stamp costs. For example, if the postal service needs to generate additional revenue to cover operational expenses, it may increase the cost of postcard stamps.
  3. Inflation and Cost of Operations: Like any business, the postal service faces increasing costs of operations due to factors such as inflation, transportation expenses, and labor costs. They may adjust stamp prices to reflect these rising costs to ensure sustainability.
  4. Service Enhancements: If the postal service introduces new features or improvements to postcard delivery, such as tracking services or faster delivery options, it may impact the cost of postcard stamps.
  5. International Shipping Rates: If you send postcards internationally, the cost of postcard stamps may be influenced by international shipping rates, customs requirements, and agreements between postal services of different countries.
    The postal service regulates the cost of stamps and is subject to change. Therefore, it’s essential to check the current rates before purchasing stamps. But what is the current price of postcard stamps? Let’s move on.

How Much Is a Postcard Stamp – 2023

How Much Are Postcard Stamps - 2023

Yes, the price of postcard stamps has gone up again!

Beginning Sunday, January 22, 2023, the USPS is raising some postage prices by 4.2%, usually equivalent to a few cents per stamp.
Domestic postcards cost 48 cents, up from 44 cents previously. Of course, the price is $1.40 before mailing international postcards and $1.45 after January 22, 2023.
See more details on the 2023 price changes below:

ProductPrice before Jan. 22Price after Jan. 22
Letters (1 oz.)60 cents63 cents
Letters (metered 1 oz.)57 cents60 cents
Domestic Postcards44 cents48 cents
International Postcards$1.40$1.45
International Letter (1 oz.)$1.40$1.45
How Much Are Postcard Stamps

The Latest News, The Price of Postcard Stamps Will Also Increase

History of United States postage rates

Stamp prices will rise again this summer. This will be the second price increase in 2023 and the fourth increase in the cost of stamps in two years.

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) announced its intention to increase the cost of the standard Forever stamp from 63 cents to 66 cents, citing inflation and continued revisions to a “previously flawed pricing model.”

The USPS has already raised prices once this year, raising the cost of a stamp to 63 from 60 cents in January. As recently as 2019, a stamp sold for just 50 cents.
The USPS typically loses money, and raising prices is one way officials are addressing that. While Postmaster General Louis DeJoy noted at a meeting in February that the agency had made progress in reducing hours and saving on shipping costs, he said, “Inflation dominates our cost structure and offsets our gains being made.”
The specific postage changes are as follows:

● standard letter
The price to mail a standard letter has increased from 63 cents to 66 cents! The postage price for each additional ounce remains the same at 24 cents, and non-machinable surcharges (for example, invitations with wax seals or squares) remain the same at 40 cents. That means a typical invitation (weighing less than 1 oz and subject to a non-processable surcharge) is now $1.06 in the mail!
● postcard
The cost of postage increased from 48 cents to 51 cents.
Want to send a postcard?
It will cost more.
Domestic postcards will go up from 48 cents to 51 cents. A one-ounce letter or postcard sent to another country costs $1.45 to $1.50.

Stamp Rates to Increase from July 2023
    Less Than 1 Ounce
           Each additional ounce24 Cents24 Cents
           Nonmachinable Surcharge40 Cents40 Cents
POSTCARD48 Cents51 Cents
    Less Than 1 Ounce
           Each additional ounce24 Cents24 Cents
The Latest News, The Price of Postcard Stamps Will Also Increase

So,What Are the Underlying Reasons for Postcard Stamp Price Changes?

Yes, you guessed it! Inflation hits mailboxes: Stamp prices are on the rise again!

Soaring prices have crippled business operations in the global economy over the past two years, driving up wages for workers and increasing the cost of doing business. While inflation has been cooling for the past nine months — prices rose 5% year-on-year last month — it remains above the central bank’s target of around 2%.

“These price adjustments are necessary to provide much-needed revenue to the Postal Service,” the agency said in a statement.

United States domestic first class & postcard rates, 1863–present (USD)

Date IntroducedLetters(for first ounce)Packages(for first ounce)Additional(per ounce)Postcard rate[2]International rate (letters)
March 3, 1863.06(.03 for 12 oz).06.06(.03 per 12 oz).06
October 1, 1883.04(.02 for 12 oz).04.04(.02 per 12 oz).04
July 1, 1885.
July 1, 1898.
November 2, 1917.
July 1, 1919.
April 15, 1925. (stamped cards).02 (postcards)
July 1, 1928.
July 6, 1932.
January 1, 1952.
August 1, 1958.
January 7, 1963.
January 7, 1968.
May 16, 1971.
March 2, 1974.
September 14, 1975.
December 31, 1975.
May 29, 1978.
March 22, 1981.
November 1, 1981.
February 17, 1985.
April 3, 1988[6].
February 3, 1991.
January 1, 1995.
January 10, 1999.
January 7, 2001.
July 1, 2001.
June 30, 2002.
January 8, 2006.
May 14, 2007.411. (Can & Mex).90 (rest of world)[7]
May 12, 2008.421. (Can & Mex).94 (rest of world)[7]
May 11, 2009.441. (Canada).79 (Mexico).98 (rest of world)[7]
April 17, 2011.441.71 (3 oz).20 (letters).17 (packages).29.80 (Can & Mex).98 (rest of world)[7]
January 22, 2012.451.95 (3 oz).20 (letters).17 (packages).32.85 (Can & Mex)1.05 (rest of world)[7]
January 27, 2013.462.07 (3 oz).20 (letters).17 (packages).331.10[7]
January 26, 2014.492.32 (3 oz).21 (letters).17 (packages).341.15[9]
May 31, 2015.492.54 (3 oz).22 (letters).20 (packages).351.20[10]
April 10, 2016.47[10]2.54 (3 oz).21 (letters).20 (packages).341.15[10]
January 22, 2017.49[11]2.67 (3 oz)[12].21 (letters).18 (packages).341.15[11]
January 21, 2018.50[13]3.50 (4 oz)[12].21 (letters).35 (packages)[14].351.15[13]
January 27, 2019.55.15 (letters).351.15
January 26, 2020[15].55.15 (letters).351.20[16]
January 24, 2021[17].55.20.361.20
August 29, 2021[18].58.20.401.30
July 10, 2022[19].60.24 (letters).441.40[20]
January 22, 2023[21].634.75-5.25 (zone-based).24 (letters).481.45
from wikipedia


In summary, the cost of postcard stamps has been a topic of interest for many, and the official news is that they will experience an increase. As we navigate the digital age, postcards remain a cherished way to share memories and sentiments. While the rise in postage rates may give pause to some, it is essential to appreciate the convenience and efficiency of sending a postcard. By staying informed and adapting to the changing prices, we can continue to embrace the joy of receiving and sending these tangible mementos. So, keep exploring the world of postcards and let your heartfelt messages travel far and wide.


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