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Are Forever Stamps Still Good – Questions You Can’t Miss

Are Forever Stamps Still Good - Questions You Can't Miss

Last week, while cleaning my house, I came across an old box tucked away in the corner of the attic, filled with memories from years past.
I’ll find a collection of colorful stamps, each carrying a piece of history. This was the beginning of my stamp collection, and they introduced me to the world of stamps.
Here are some Forever stamps with unique graphics and the promise of never expiring.
At that time, this thought popped into my head: many people must have the same experience as me, but you may have this question: Are forever stamps still good?
Are they of any value in today’s world of rapidly changing postal rates? Let’s explore the world of forever stamps and see if they are still as good as they claim to be.
According to recent research data and the United States Postal Service (USPS), the answer is yes.
So shake off those old stamps and prepare to be pleasantly surprised at their enduring usefulness.

Are Forever Stamps Expiring?

I believe many people will have this question: Are forever stamps expiring? Although it has the word permanent, is it permanent?
The answer is:
Forever stamps don’t expire.
The Forever stamp is a stamp issued by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that can be used to mail a one-ounce letter regardless of future price increases.
The “permanent” designation means that even if postal rates change in the future, these stamps will still be valid for mailing.
This means that once you purchase Forever stamps, you can use them at any point without paying extra postage, regardless of rate changes.
So, permanent stamps do not expire, which means: are forever stamps still good?
Then read on, and let us uncover the answer together!

Are Forever Stamps Still Good?

Are Forever Stamps Still Good

Yes, forever stamps are still valid for postage.
As we mentioned above, forever stamps retain their full value even if postal rates increase in the future.
This means that if you have Forever stamps, you can continue to use them without adding extra postage, regardless of rate changes.
The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) announced that the launch of Forever stamps is to provide customers with a convenient option to use stamps without worrying about future price adjustments.

How Much Is a Forever Stamp Worth Today?

How Much Is a Forever Stamp Worth Today?

The “forever” stamp for standard first-class letters is currently selling for 63 cents.
However, it’s worth noting that its cost has recently changed.
On July 10, 2022, the price of the Forever stamp will increase from 58 cents to 60 cents.
Subsequently, on January 22, 2023, the price increased, reaching its current value of 63 cents. Despite the increases, officials stressed that price adjustments were made to take inflation into account.
They assert that postage rates remain competitive and that the U.S. Postal Service continues to offer the lowest letter postage rates in the industrialized world, providing excellent value for shipping. The information was confirmed in an official press release.
I know that many people are experts at collecting stamps. There must be a lot of stamps in hand (in addition to permanent stamps). You must have come across this question: Is it OK to use old stamps?

Is It OK to Use Old Stamps?

Is It OK to Use Old Stamps?

In general, it is typically acceptable to use old stamps for mailing purposes, but there are a few factors to consider:
Denomination: The value of the old stamp should be sufficient to cover the current postage rate. If you have older stamps with a denomination that matches or exceeds the current postage rate, they can still be used without any issue. However, if the value of the old stamp is less than the current rate, you may need to supplement it with additional postage to meet the required amount.
Validity: Some stamps have expiration dates or limited validity periods. For example, specific commemorative or special edition stamps may have limited use beyond their initial release. However, the majority of standard Forever stamps, as discussed earlier, do not have an expiration date and can be used indefinitely.
Condition: Ensure the stamps are in good condition and have not been significantly damaged or altered. If a stamp is torn, damaged, or tampered with, it may not be accepted by the postal service.
It’s worth noting that postal policies and regulations can change over time, so it’s always a good idea to verify the current guidelines from the United States Postal Service (USPS) or your local postal authority. They will have the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding using old stamps for mailing purposes.
In this way, permanent stamps are a good investment choice. Right?
If you also want to start your journey of collecting permanent stamps, I suggest you go to the following places to buy permanent stamps:

Can I Still Buy Forever Stamps?

Yes, you can still purchase Forever stamps.
Forever stamps can usually be purchased at post offices, online through the official website of a postal service such as the United States Postal Service, or USPS, or at authorized retailers. These stamps are intended for future mailings, regardless of future rate increases.
They offer convenience and flexibility by eliminating the need to purchase additional stamps when postage rates change. It’s best to check with your local postal service or visit their website for specific options for purchasing Forever stamps in your area.

FAQs – Are Forever Stamps Still Good?

Q1: Can I use old Forever stamps?

A: Yes, you can use old Forever stamps for postage if their denomination matches or exceeds the current postage rate. However, ensuring the stamps are in good condition and have not been significantly damaged or altered is essential.

Q2: Can I use Forever stamps for international mail?

A: While Forever stamps are primarily intended for domestic mail within the United States, they can also be used to pay a portion of the postage cost for international mail. However, additional postage may be required to cover the remaining cost.

Q3: What happens if I use a Forever stamp after a rate increase?

A: If you have used a Forever stamp for a one-ounce letter and the postage rate has increased, you do not need to add additional postage. Forever stamps cover the total value of a one-ounce letter regardless of rate changes.


In conclusion, the answer to the question, “Are Forever stamps still good?” is a resounding yes.

These stamps, designed to withstand the test of time and changing postal rates, continue to be a reliable and convenient option for sending mail. Whether you have a collection of old stamps or plan to purchase new ones, you can rest assured that Forever stamps hold their value and can be used without additional postage.

So, next time you’re preparing to mail a letter or package, remember the enduring power of Forever stamps. They remain a timeless investment in hassle-free postage, allowing you to send heartfelt messages without worrying about ever-changing rates.

Embrace the simplicity and reliability of Forever stamps and enjoy the ease they bring to your mailing experience.



Toney Renteria, born into a family with a deep-rooted passion for stamps, has dabbled in philately since childhood. As Toney matured, his passion for stamps led him to pursue a career in the world of philately. His extensive knowledge and experience in the field have been accumulated through many years of active participation and dedicated work. From assisting with stamp valuations and appraisals to curating rare and unique stamp collections, Tony's expertise knows no bounds. Today, Toney Renteria is proud to share his wealth of knowledge and insights as a Marconisp stamp columnist.

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