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Do Stamps Expire?

Do Postage Stamps Expire

Are you wondering if those old stamps buried in your desk drawer are still usable?
Or perhaps you’re curious if the postage stamps you bought a few years ago are still valid. The question of whether postage stamps expire is a common one, and you’re not alone in seeking the answer.
In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of postage stamps and uncover the truth behind their expiration dates.
So, grab a cup of coffee and join us as we unravel the mystery of whether or not postage stamps have an expiration date. Prepare to be enlightened and put any lingering doubts to rest once and for all!

Do Stamps Expire?

Do Postage Stamps Expire

The correct answer is: Postage stamps don’t expire!
Postage stamps issued by the United States Postal Service (USPS), including Forever stamps, do not have an expiration date.
They are designed to be valid for postage indefinitely. The term “Forever” indicates that these stamps will always be accepted at the value printed on them, regardless of any future price increases in postage.
The concept of Forever Stamps was introduced by the USPS in 2007 to provide convenience and flexibility to customers.
With Forever Stamps, you can purchase and stock up on stamps at the current price, knowing that they will retain their value over time.
This means that even if postal rates increase in the future, your Forever stamps will still be sufficient to mail items up to the current First-Class Mail 1-ounce price.
It’s important to note that while Forever stamps themselves do not expire, the USPS may occasionally issue different stamp designs or variations.
These new stamp designs will continue to be valid for postage, just like the Forever stamps you already have.
So, regardless of the specific design or version, as long as you have Forever stamps, they will remain usable and hold their value for mailing letters or packages within the weight limit specified by the current First-Class Mail rate.

Do Global Forever Stamps Expire?

Do Global Forever Stamps Expire

No, Global Forever® stamps issued by the United States Postal Service (USPS) do not expire.
These stamps are specifically designed for international mail and can be used to send letters or postcards to any country without requiring additional postage, regardless of any future price changes.
The “Forever” designation indicates that the stamp retains its full value for mailing purposes indefinitely, making it a convenient option for international correspondence.
So, if you have Global Forever® stamps, you can use them whenever you need to send international mail without worrying about expiration dates or additional postage costs.

Do USPS Shipping Labels Expire?

Do USPS Shipping Labels Expire

Indeed, there is a 30-day rule in effect for tags. If you infrequently use tags and fail to utilize them within the specified timeframe, they will become invalid.
While the official deadline is set at 28 days, it is reasonable to anticipate a grace period of at least 3 business days following this cutoff.
Labels can be acquired up to 7 days prior to printing, allowing for some advance preparation.
Moreover, certain locations may still accept a tag even if it is more than a day old.

The Current Value of Stamps – What Do You Know

The Current Value of Stamps

Would you like to know the current price for Forever Stamps?
See the table below for the current rates for Forever Stamps and how much postage you will need to pay for your letter.

Latest Stamp Rates (Effective July 9, 2023)
    Less Than 1 Ounce
           Each additional ounce24 Cents24 Cents
           Nonmachinable Surcharge40 Cents40 Cents
POSTCARD48 Cents51 Cents
    Less Than 1 Ounce
           Each additional ounce24 Cents24 Cents
Latest Stamp Rates (Effective July 9, 2023)

Let me give you an example!

I have a stamp worth 60 cents. Now, if USPS raises the cost of stamps, can I continue to mail with 60 cent stamps?

If you purchased a Forever stamp for 60 cents, you can continue to use it for all one-ounce mail at the current rate.
You’ll know if your stamp is in the ‘Forever’ category if it has the word ‘FOEVER’ printed on it instead of its value.
If the current rate is 65 cents, you can still use the 60-cent Forever stamp and the letter will be considered “full payment”.
This rule applies even if your letter weighs more than an ounce.
I want to give you this example.
If the postage for a 2 oz letter is 70 cents (just a random example), you can use stamps that you paid 60 cents for (but are actually worth 65 cents). For an extra 5 cents, you can use an additional 5-cent stamp to pay for postage.
The main reasons UPSP introduced Forever Stamps many years ago were:
● Make users and the US Postal Service more flexible and flexible
● Eliminates the need for additional postage or to make up the difference when rates change
● Customers are encouraged to buy Forever stamps in bulk in advance so the USPS can also benefit from additional sales
Finally, can stamps be reused?
continue reading!

Can You Reuse A Stamp?

Can You Reuse A Stamp

Can’t! Once a stamp has been used to mail an item, it cannot be used for other mailings.
When a stamp is attached to an envelope and processed by the postal system, it is considered “cancelled” or “postmarked” to show that it has been used.
A cancellation mark (usually an ink stamp or barcode) serves as evidence that postage has been applied to that particular item.
At the same time, you also need to pay attention to:
Applying anything to the stamp (such as tape or glue) will cause the US Postal Service to reject the stamp, and you will lose the value of the stamp because it is unusable.
That’s why you should always keep your stamp purchases safe, too.
USPS Forever stamps are always worth the current stamp rate.
This means they can be used to pay for an ounce of postage for a letter at any point in the future, regardless of the monetary value you paid for the stamp.
The face value of Forever stamps is always the current postal rate, but they can only be used once.

Can You Use Old USPS Stamps?

Can You Use Old USPS Stamps

I have previously addressed this matter.
Legitimate stamps are those that are clean and properly affixed to the envelope.
Certain factors may render a stamp invalid, including a missing or misplaced serial number, improper use of barcodes, unauthorized design, or evident damage (such as dog chewing or being stepped on).
If any of these tests indicate that your stamp is not valid, you have the option to request a replacement.
If you are uncertain about the validity of old postage stamps that may be stored in your miscellaneous drawer, consider taking them to FedEx where a technician can provide a final determination.

Are Old Stamps Worth Money?

Are Old Stamps Worth Money

Old stamps can indeed be worth money, but their value depends on several factors. Some stamps, especially rare or collectible ones, can appreciate in value over time and may be sought after by stamp collectors or philatelists. The value of a stamp is influenced by factors such as its rarity, condition, age, historical significance, and demand among collectors.
To determine the worth of old stamps, it is advisable to consult a reputable stamp dealer, appraiser, or philatelic society specialized in stamp valuation. They have the expertise to assess the condition and rarity of stamps, as well as current market trends, to provide an estimate of their value.
Keep in mind that not all old stamps are necessarily valuable. The majority of common stamps from regular postal usage may have little to no significant value beyond their face value. However, some older stamps, particularly those featuring errors, unique designs, or limited production, can have considerable worth.
If you possess a collection of old stamps or come across an inherited or discovered stamp collection, it is wise to seek expert advice to determine if any stamps have substantial value before considering selling or trading them.

Frequently Asked Questions – Do Postage Stamps Expire

Frequently Asked Questions - Do Postage Stamps Expire

Q: Do postage stamps expire?
A: No, postage stamps issued by the United States Postal Service (USPS) do not have an expiration date. They can be used indefinitely.
Q: What are Forever stamps?
A: Forever stamps are a type of postage stamp introduced by the USPS in 2007. They are designed to retain their value regardless of future price increases in postage. Forever stamps can be used to mail items up to the current First-Class Mail 1-ounce price.
Q: Can I use old stamps even if the rates have increased?
A: Yes, you can use old stamps, including Forever stamps, even if the postage rates have increased. The value of the stamps remains valid, and they can be used to cover the cost of sending mail up to the current postage rate.
Q: Can I reuse a postage stamp?
A: No, once a postage stamp has been used to mail an item, it cannot be reused. The stamp is canceled or postmarked upon use, and reusing a canceled stamp is considered postal fraud, which is illegal.
Q: What should I do with unused stamps if rates increase?
A: If postage rates increase, you can still use your unused stamps. The value of Forever stamps remains unchanged, and you can supplement them with additional stamps to cover the new postage rate if needed.


In conclusion, postage stamps issued by the United States Postal Service (USPS) do not expire.
Forever stamps, introduced in 2007, retain their value regardless of future price increases in postage, making them a convenient option for mailing.
Old stamps, including Forever stamps, can be used even if postage rates have increased, as their value remains valid.
It is important to note that once a stamp has been used to mail an item, it cannot be reused.
Reusing canceled stamps is considered postal fraud and is illegal.
Therefore, it is recommended to use new and valid postage stamps for each separate mailing.
Whether it’s the latest stamp designs or older ones, as long as they cover the current postage rate, you can confidently send your mail knowing that your stamps are valid and will reach their destination.



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