Postal Service Finalizes 2023 U.S. Stamp Program

Postal Service Finalizes 2023 U.S. Stamp Program

What is the usps stamp program?
The USPS stamp program refers to the planned and scheduled releases of new postage stamps by the United States Postal Service (USPS). The USPS designs and issues a variety of stamps each year, showcasing different themes, historical figures, events, and cultural aspects. The stamp program includes a diverse range of stamps, such as Forever stamps, commemorative stamps, special edition stamps, and seasonal stamps. These stamps serve both practical and commemorative purposes, allowing individuals to send mail while also celebrating various aspects of American history, culture, and achievements. The USPS stamp program often generates excitement among collectors, stamp enthusiasts, and the general public as they eagerly anticipate the unveiling and release of new stamp designs throughout the year.

On May 31, the USPS announced the release dates and locations for the remaining five issues in the 2023 stamp program.

All of the stamps will be issued following a planned postal rate increase on July 9, which will raise the rate for first-class letters to 66 cents from the current 63 cents.
Four Forever stamps featuring colorful piñatas will be released in Roswell, New Mexico on Sept. 8 to coincide with the city’s annual piñata festival.

Breckenridge, Colorado will host the first day of issuance of four Snow Globes forever special stamps on September 19.
Three days later, on September 22, a commemorative flyer for the OSIRIS-REx mission will be released in Salt Lake City, Utah.
According to the USPS, the new Forever stamp will celebrate “NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission, which delivered asteroid samples to Earth.”
“OSIRIS-REx is an acronym for Mission Objective: Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification and Security – Regolith Explorer,” the Postal Service said.
Launched in 2016, OSIRIS-REx traveled to the asteroid Bennu to collect samples and bring them back to Earth.
According to a report on the Astrobiology website on May 8, the OSIRIS-REx capsule is scheduled to land on September 24 at the U.S.

Department of Defense’s Utah Test and Training Range in the Great Salt Lake Desert.
On October 2, Washington, D.C., home of the U.S. Supreme Court, will be the first day of issue for a permanent commemorative stamp honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933-2020). Ginsburg joined the Supreme Court as an associate justice in 1993 and served until her death in the nation’s capital on September 18, 2020.
The four Winter Woodland Animals forever special stamps, which will be released on October 10 in The Woodland, Michigan, conclude the 2023 U.S. stamp program.

The stamps will be issued without an official first day ceremony.


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