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How Many Stamps in a Book 2023:Ultimate Guide

People often wonder if they should buy one stamp at a time or a whole book of stamps. When choosing which is best for you, you should think about many things.
Why do you want to buy a book of stamps or a set of stamps to send mail? Do you need to send bills, letters, or notes for work or pleasure? How often will you use the US Postal Service to send mail? If you answer these questions, you can choose the best book of stamps for your mail needs.
Once you know what you need, you’ll have to choose which book of stamps will work best for you. In this definitive guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about stamps in a book in 2023, making the process easier for you.

What Is a Stamp Book?

What Is a Stamp Book

A stamp book, also known as a stamp booklet or a stamp album, is a small booklet that contains multiple stamps. It’s like a mini collection of stamps you can use whenever you need to mail something.
When sending papers, emails, or postcards, it is easier to use a stamp book than to buy each stamp separately. Most stamp books can be purchased at post offices, on the Internet, or in some shops.
Most people use them to keep their postage stamps, so they always have them on hand when needed rather than going out and buying them.
You can use a book of stamps to reuse single stamps instead of buying a whole new set. They are often sent in thin cardboard packages. There are stamp books for many different five-star mail stamps, like Forever Stamps.
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How Many Stamps in a Book?

How Many Stamps in a Book

In 2023, a standard stamp book typically contains 20 stamps. These stamps are usually the same design and have the same value, which means you can use any of them to send a standard letter.
The number of stamps in a book may vary depending on the country and the type of stamps you buy.
When choosing a book of stamps, you need to know how many stamps you will need to cover the cost of sending your mail and how many stamps you will need.
To make purchasing stamps more convenient, postal services offer stamp books. These books contain a set number of stamps, ready for use whenever you need to send mail. Let’s explore the common types of stamp books available in 2023.

How Many Stamps in a Forever Stamp Book?

A Forever stamp book typically contains 20 stamps. Forever stamps are a type of stamp issued by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that can be used to mail a one-ounce letter regardless of any future price increases.
The best thing about Forever Stamps is that you can use them whenever you want, and they still cost the same as when you bought them. Each set of Forever Stamps has a different date when they will no longer be valid.
This makes Forever stamp books a convenient option for those who frequently send letters or use postage for various purposes. With 20 stamps in a book, it provides a sufficient supply for multiple mailings and ensures that you are prepared for your postage needs.

How Many Stamps in a Collectible Stamp Book?

A rare stamp booklet is a thick, hardcover book with more stamps than standard stamps. The name of the booklet is “Collectible Stamp Yearbook.” This book has all the stamps from that time that are worth collecting.
A collection stamp book has a few pages of stamps divided by sheets of oiled paper. They are often sent in thin cardboard packages.
Each year, the number of stamps in a book of valuable stamps changes. Most valuable stamp books have about 50 stamps in them.
As an example, there were 81 different stamps in the 2018 Collectible Stamp Yearbook. The stamps were carefully kept on pages with a lot of information about the stamp’s historical background, the person who made it, and its importance.
However, stamp collectors can rest assured that the special designs released in those 12 months will be included in the latest yearbook.
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How Much Does a Book of Stamps Cost?

How Much Does a Book of Stamps Cost

In 2023, the retail price of a book containing 20 USPS Forever Stamps is $13.20. Typically, each book consists of 20 stamps. However, it’s important to know that some booklets or panes of stamps may contain 18 or 16 stamps instead, which can impact the total cost accordingly.
When you buy a book of stamps, you can choose one for a certain season, holiday, or design. If you buy stamps to send invitations or cards for special events, you can select one for a certain season, holiday, or design. The US Postal Service adds new styles to its stamp book every year and makes other changes.
There are twenty stamps in each book of design and class stamps that you buy. Even though each book of stamps has twenty stamps, you can buy a pack of five books of stamps, which gives you a total of one hundred stamps.
The value of stamps that say “Forever” at the bottom is the same as the First-Class Letter rate. In 2023, each stamp will cost $0.66 at this price. So, a book of 18 stamps would cost $11.88, and a pane of 16 stamps would cost $10.56.
A forever stamp costs $0.66, a small rise of $0.03 from the price before January 2023.
Moreover, after July 2023, the Forever Stamps booklet, which contained 20 stamps, cost $13.20.
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Is It Worth to Buy a Book of Stamps?

Is It Worth to Buy a Book of Stamps

When you buy a book of stamps, each stamp costs the same as when you buy it on its own. A book of stamps costs less than a roll of one hundred stamps, which is good.
If you need 16 stamps to mail holiday cards, you would have too many if you bought a roll, but you might lose a single stamp. A packet is easy to store and is safe until you need them again next holiday season.
Buying a book of stamps can be worthwhile if you frequently send mail, value convenience, and cost savings, and enjoy collecting stamps. It offers the advantage of having a ready supply of stamps, eliminating the need for frequent trips to purchase individual stamps.
However, exploring other postage options might be more suitable if your mailing needs are sporadic or you anticipate significant rate changes. Consider your usage patterns, budget, and personal preferences when deciding whether purchasing a stamp book is right for you.
Once you have a stamp book, how do you use it?
Here are the simplest ways.

How to Use Stamp Books?

How to Use Stamp Books

Using stamp books is straightforward.Carefully tear off the required number of stamps from the book, ensuring that they remain intact and undamaged. Place the stamps on the designated area of your envelope or package, ensuring they are visible and securely attached.Once you have affixed the necessary stamps, you can drop off your mail at a post office, mailbox, or any other designated mailing location.
Using stamp books offers convenience and efficiency when it comes to sending mail. Having a book of stamps on hand, you can easily prepare your mail and ensure it is properly postage-paid for prompt and reliable delivery.


In the mailing world, stamps are the key to ensuring your letters and packages reach their intended destinations. Understanding how many stamps are in a book and their current value is essential for efficient mailings.
By referring to this ultimate guide for 2023, you now have a comprehensive understanding of stamp books, their types, and how to use them effectively. Stay updated with the latest postal rates, keep a handy supply of stamps, and enjoy the convenience of confidently sending mail.


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