Does HEB Sell Stamps?, Where Can I Buy Stamps Besides The Post Office

Does HEB Sell Stamps?

Does HEB Sell Stamps

As Texans know, HEB is the beloved hometown grocer that has everything you need under one roof. But does that selection include postage stamps? Can you pick up stamps for letters and bills while grabbing eggs and milk?
The answer is yes – HEB does sell stamps! By providing stamp kiosks in stores across Texas, HEB makes mailing letters and packages more convenient for its loyal customers.
Keep reading to learn all the details about purchasing stamps during your routine HEB grocery trips. We’ll cover everything from the types of stamps sold to the cost and locations of HEB’s stamp kiosks.
The next time you need to mail a birthday card or pay that electric bill, remember you can add booklets of stamps to your HEB shopping cart!

About HEB

About HEB

HEB is a beloved regional supermarket chain based in Texas. Founded in 1905, HEB has grown from a small grocery store in Kerrville to over 340 stores throughout Texas and Mexico. What makes HEB stand out is its focus on quality products, excellent customer service, and commitment to giving back to local communities.

Giving back is a core value at HEB. Through the HEB Buddies program, HEB Partners volunteer over 1 million hours per year to support local schools, charities, and community organizations. After disasters like hurricanes, HEB mobilizes quickly to provide food, supplies, and financial assistance to impacted areas.

Does HEB Sell Stamps?

Does HEB Sell Stamps

Need to mail a letter but don’t have any stamps? Don’t worry, your local HEB has you covered.
Yes, HEB does sell postage stamps at their supermarkets across Texas. Look for self-service kiosks located near the front entrance when you walk into any HEB store. These kiosks allow you to quickly buy booklets of stamps whenever you need them.
HEB sells all the most common types of stamps, like Forever Stamps, so you can mail letters, postcards, bills, and small packages. The kiosks have stamps starting from single stamps up to whole booklets.
Buying stamps at HEB is super convenient. You can get everything in one trip – groceries for dinner, prescriptions from the pharmacy, and stamps to pay bills and send mail. No extra errands needed!
By providing stamps, HEB makes life a little easier for Texans. It’s just one more way they live up to their reputation for top-notch customer service. Next time you need stamps, remember you can get them when picking up groceries at your neighborhood HEB. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!

What Kind of Stamps Does HEB Sell?

What Kind of Stamps Does HEB Sell

HEB sells stamps in sets of 2 or 8, or 20 per pound. However, a book of stamps can be a bit more expensive than buying from USPS.

Does Heb Sell Forever and Book of Stamps?

Does Heb Sell Forever and Book of Stamps

Running low on stamps at home? Make your next stop HEB! At HEB’s stamp kiosks, you can easily grab both Forever Stamps and convenient booklets of stamps for all your mailing needs.
Forever Stamps, which work for standard letter mail no matter when you purchased them or what rates increase in the future, are always available at HEB for ultimate convenience. Just stick a Forever on any letter, card, or bill going via regular mail – you can set it and forget it, since Forever Stamps remain valid after price hikes.
HEB also stocks handy 10 and 20 count stamp booklets, so you can keep a supply at home or work. No more fumbling around for loose stamps at the last minute. With a booklet from HEB, you’ll be organized and prepared to mail bills, letters, birthday cards, and any other standard mail on demand.
For flexible and easy stamp stocking, remember that your neighborhood HEB has both versatile Forever Stamps and useful stamp booklets on hand. No extra trips to the post office needed – just pop by the stamp kiosk at HEB during grocery shopping and keep your mail game strong.

Where Can I Find HEB?

Where Can I Find HEB

HEB stores are located throughout Texas and in northeast Mexico. Here are some key details about where to find HEB locations:
● Texas – HEB has over 340 stores across Texas. Their largest presence is in central and southern Texas, including major cities like Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Corpus Christi, and the Rio Grande Valley.
● Mexico – HEB expanded into Mexico in the 1990s and now has over 60 stores in northeast Mexico, mostly around Monterrey and Saltillo.
● Major Texas cities – In addition to Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, HEB has a significant presence in Dallas/Fort Worth, Waco, and Abilene metropolitan areas.
● Smaller towns – HEB operates in many smaller towns throughout Texas as well. This includes places like Kerrville, where the original HEB was founded.
● Store locator – You can find specific HEB store locations nearest you by using the store locator at or on their mobile app. Just enter your city or ZIP code.
So in summary, HEB stores can be found across the state of Texas, with the most locations in central and southern regions, as well as over 60 stores in northeast Mexico. Use their store locator to find the nearest HEB to you. And if you’re traveling in Texas, you’re never far from an HEB!

What Grocery Stores Sell Stamps?

What Grocery Stores Sell Stamps

Running low on stamps but don’t have time for an extra errand? Grab them while you grocery shop!
Many major grocery store chains sell postage stamps for customer convenience. Here are some of the top grocery stores that typically offer stamp purchasing:
● HEB – HEB locations in Texas have self-service kiosks that sell booklets of stamps.
Kroger – Most Kroger supermarkets have a section up front with stamps near the registers.
Publix – Publix stores generally sell stamps at customer service counters or kiosks toward the front entrance.
● Safeway – Many Safeway locations have stamps available in the customer service area.
● Albertsons – Stamps can usually be purchased at the customer service desk of Albertsons stores.
● Costco – Booklets of stamps are sold at Costco warehouses at the register checkout lanes.
Walmart – Some Walmarts sell stamps at dedicated kiosks, while others may sell them at customer service.
● Whole Foods – Stamps are typically available upon request from customer service.
● Wegmans – Stamps can be found at service desks of Wegmans grocery stores.


In conclusion, HEB indeed sells stamps, providing a convenient solution for customers in need of postage for their mail. Whether you’re picking up groceries, browsing household items, or simply running errands, HEB stores offer stamps at their service counters. This valuable amenity eliminates the hassle of searching for dedicated post offices or alternative locations to purchase stamps. HEB’s commitment to customer convenience and their diverse range of offerings continue to make them a trusted one-stop-shop for all daily needs. So, the next time you find yourself in an HEB store, rest assured that stamps are readily available, making your shopping experience all the more convenient.



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