Does Ups Store Sell Stamps, Where Can I Buy Stamps Besides The Post Office

Does UPS Sell Stamps (2023 Full Guide)

The next time you need to mail a letter or package, skipping the post office lines and heading to UPS might be your best bet for getting your stamps fast.
But does UPS really sell stamps?
According to a recent survey, 63% of Americans don’t know if the package delivery giant offers UPS stamps.
So does UPS sell postage stamps?
Read on, and let’s draw conclusions together.

About UPS


United Parcel Service, better known as UPS, is a major American multinational shipping and receiving company. Founded in 1907 as a messenger service in Seattle, UPS has grown into one of the largest delivery services globally.

UPS operates extensive air and ground transportation networks to provide package and freight delivery to over 220 countries and territories worldwide. Along with shipping, UPS offers logistics and supply chain services. They also provide customers access to postal services like P.O. boxes, mailboxes, and sell UPS stamps for shipping packages through UPS.

UPS Fun Fact
UPS’s signature brown color dates back to 1916 when pulling packages on delivery wagons, brown made stains less visible.

Does UPS Sell Stamps?

Does UPS Sell Stamps

Yes, UPS does sell stamps at their retail locations and through their website.
At UPS Store locations across the United States, customers can purchase books, rolls, and individual USPS Forever Stamps, as well as commemorative and special edition stamps.
What is more?
On the website, you can order Forever Stamp booklets and coils to be delivered. The denominations available are the standard USPS First Class Mail rates, such as the Forever Stamp, which equals the current 1 ounce letter price.
But you need attention!
They do not offer UPS shipping labels or international postage. The stamps purchased via UPS can be used to mail letters and packages through USPS or attached to packages being shipped through UPS.
In summary, UPS does sell the most common USPS stamps to provide customers with an added service when mailing items or shipping parcels.

Does UPS Sell Forever Stamps?

Does UPS Sell Forever Stamps

Beyond that, a lot of people wondered: Does UPS sell Forever stamps?
the answer is:
Yes, UPS does sell Forever Stamps at its retail locations and on its website.
First, at the UPS Store, customers can purchase Forever Stamp booklets that contain 20 or 10 stamps. These stamps can also be purchased individually.
Not only that, but on you can order Forever Stamp booklets containing 20 stamps that will be shipped directly to you. They also offer 1st class single stamps and 100 stamp rolls.

TIPS: UPS sells stamps as a convenience to customers for shipping and mailing needs. Purchased Forever Stamps can be used in the mail via USPS or placed on packages shipped via UPS.

All in all, yes, UPS does sell the popular USPS Forever stamps, and they are available in-store and online in varying booklet quantities for the convenience of the customer.

How Much Does UPS Stamp Cost?

Does Ups Store Sell Stamps & Price of Stamps

The UPS Store sells stamps at the same standard pricing set by the USPS. A 20 first-class Forever stamps book is currently priced at $13.20, or $0.66 per individual stamp.

UPS Stores do not provide any discounts on USPS stamp pricing. The prices are the same as buying them directly from the post office or other USPS retail channels.

What should you do if you want to find a UPS address near your home?
Read on!

How Can I Find UPS Stamps Near Me?

How Can I Find UPS Stamps Near Me

Here are some tips to help you find UPS Stores that sell stamps near your location:
● Use the UPS Store locator ( and enter your zip code or city/state to find nearby locations. Most UPS Store locations sell stamps.
● Call or visit the UPS Store’s website to confirm they currently have stamps in stock before going. Inventory varies.
● Search on Google Maps for “UPS Store near me” and call stores that appear in your area. Check if they sell stamps.
● Ask your local Post Office for recommendations on alternate stamp retailers like UPS Stores, pharmacies, or grocery stores nearby.
● Search sites like Yelp, YellowPages, or Google for “stamps near me” and expand the search beyond just UPS. This can locate other retailers selling stamps nearby.
● If all else fails, stamps can always be purchased online through the USPS website or Amazon and shipped if you need them quickly.
● Be sure to check UPS Store hours – most are open regular business hours Monday-Friday and sometimes weekends.
With some quick research online or over the phone, you should be able to easily find a convenient UPS Store location that sells stamps near your home or office. Just call ahead to confirm current stamp availability before making the trip.

Pro Tip: Purchase a UPS stamps booklet to save on reordering individual stamps repeatedly. The booklets contain common denominations to cover various packaging and services.

UPS Working Hours

As a global company, UPS operates 24 hours a day year-round to keep packages moving. However, normal business hours for UPS Store locations are typically 9am to 7pm Monday through Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturdays. Some stores have extended hours until 8 or 9pm on weekdays.

Sunday hours vary by location, with many UPS Stores choosing to close. Check your local store’s hours as some are open for limited hours on Sundays as well. You can find specific operating hours using the UPS Locator tool online and selecting your nearest UPS Store.

UPS driver pickups and deliveries typically run from 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday in most areas. No residential deliveries are made on Sundays. Saturday deliveries may be limited depending on location.

So while behind the scenes UPS runs 24/7, retail UPS Store hours follow normal business times. UPS drivers also primarily deliver Monday through Friday, with Saturday service depending on area.

Pro Tip: Place UPS orders by the daily posted cutoff time to avoid delays. Pickup and processing cutoff times are usually between 6:30-8:00 pm at UPS locations.

Does UPS Sell Stamps – FAQS

Do UPS Stores sell stamps?
Yes, most UPS Store locations sell USPS postage stamps over the counter. Availability may vary by store.

Does HEB Sell Stamps 2023?

The short answer is yes, HEB does sell stamps at their grocery store locations across Texas. Stamps can be purchased at designated stamp kiosks or stations in stores, as well as directly from cashiers during checkout.
What types of stamps are sold at UPS Stores?
Most locations sell first-class Forever stamps for standard letter mail postage. Additional USPS stamps may be available like postcards, international, or commemorative stamps.
Do stamps at UPS Stores cost more than at the Post Office?
No, UPS Stores sell stamps at the same standard USPS retail pricing. Current rates apply.
Can UPS Stores look up ZIP Codes or help with postage?
Yes, most UPS Store employees can provide assistance with finding ZIP Codes, appropriate postage, and other basic USPS mailing services.
Can I buy UPS shipping labels online?
You can purchase shipping labels online from the UPS Store. The label generator for domestic and international shipments is easy; just create an account, log in with your account on any device with internet access (including mobile apps), start creating a shipping label and you’re all set!


In the world of shipping and mailing, UPS has established itself as a versatile player, offering services that extend beyond the expected. While UPS may not be your typical stamp supplier, its ability to provide postage stamps reflects its commitment to streamlining your errands and offering diverse solutions under one roof. So, whether you find yourself in need of shipping assistance, packaging supplies, or even a few stamps for those personal letters, remember that UPS might just be your unexpected one-stop destination. Embrace the convenience, explore their offerings, and make the most of this unique blend of services – another way UPS is shaping the future of logistical convenience.

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