Where Can I Buy Stamps Besides The Post Office, Does Target Sell Stamps

Does Target Sell Stamps (2023 Full Guide)

Does Target Sell Stamps (2023 Full Guide)

For U.S. consumers, Target has become the go-to destination for everything from food essentials to children’s clothing to electronics.
But what else can you do but pick up a stamp booklet for the mail pile while browsing the store aisles?In this comprehensive guide, we take a deep dive into the current state of stamp availability in Target stores.

Does Target Sell Stamps?

Does Target Sell Stamps

Yes, Target sells stamps at most locations.

At the Customer Service Desk, you can find brochures for Forever Stamps, First Class Stamps, and sometimes special commemorative stamps for purchase.Availability and selection may vary at individual Target stores compared to post offices. But for basic stamp needs, especially in emergencies, Target is a reliable retail source for USPS postage. Their prices align directly with the rates set by the USPS.
If your local Target happens to be out of stock on some of the stamps you need, the nearest USPS post office is a great backup option, bringing everything you need in one place.If you need a specific stamp type, it may be wise to call your Target ahead of time to check inventory. But in general, Target sells stamps over the counter in most stores in case you need them quickly.

What Type of Stamps Does Target Sell?

What Type of Stamps Does Target Sell

Running low on stamps but don’t have time to go to the post office?The good news is that Target might have what you’re looking for.While the selection is more limited than USPS, Target stocks many standard stamp types for your convenience during regular shopping.Whether you need Forever Stamps booklets for your letters or some holiday theme to spice up your Christmas cards, Target has the core postage you use most.
Here are the main types of USPS stamps that Target commonly sells:
● Forever Stamps – The standard Forever first-class stamps for mailing letters under 1 oz are sold at Target in books of 20 or 100.
● First-Class Stamps – Individual first-class stamps for postcards, 2-ounce letters, or other uses may be sold in smaller quantities.
Commemorative Stamps – Limited selections of special postage stamps marking holidays, events, social causes or other commemorations.
Holiday Stamps – Festive holiday-themed stamps for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Eid or other holidays are commonly available seasonally.
● Definitive Stamps – The classic “flag” Forever stamps and other basic definitive designs are typically available.
● Coil Stamps – Self-adhesive coil stamps for bulk business mailing may be in stock.
Target likely won’t have more specialized collector stamps, custom photo stamps, or harder-to-find issues.
But for general mailing needs with standard postage, Target carries all the major stamp types you’ll need. Checking availability of less common stamps is recommended.
Overall, Target focuses on the core stamp bestsellers in their retail selection.

Where to Buy Stamps at Target?

Where to Buy Stamps at Target

Saving a trip to the post office by grabbing stamps during your routine Target shopping is super convenient.
But where exactly can you find postage within your local Target store? Before wandering every aisle on a stamp scavenger hunt, check this overview of the top spots to purchase everything from Forever Stamps to holiday designs.
The customer service counter should be your first stop when stamp shopping at Target.
However, depending on opening hours or stock, a self-serve kiosk or express lane may also have you covered. Here is where to buy stamps on your next Target run:
● Customer Service Desk – The primary location to buy stamps at Target is the customer service desk near the front of the store. Look for signage indicating USPS services.
● Pharmacy – Some Target stores with in-store pharmacies have self-service kiosks for purchasing stamps when customer service is closed.

Can You Buy Stamps at Target Online?

Can You Buy Stamps at Target Online

No, Target does not currently offer the ability to purchase USPS stamps online for in-store pickup or delivery. The options for buying stamps at Target are limited to purchasing them in person at a Target retail location.
Here are a few more details on Target’s online stamp policies:
● There is no listing or option to add stamps to online orders or curbside pickup orders on Target.com or the Target mobile app.
● Stamps cannot be purchased digitally through Target and printed at home. They must be obtained physically in-store.
● Target does not sell an eGift card specifically for stamps that could be applied in-store.
● Third party sellers may list stamps on Target’s marketplace, but stamp availability from these sellers is not guaranteed.
● You can purchase mailing supplies like envelopes, packaging, and labels online from Target. But not actual USPS postage.
So unfortunately, stamps are one item that cannot be ordered online in advance when shopping at Target. The customer service desk is still the only option for purchasing stamps from Target currently. This may change in the future as more USPS services expand into digital options.

How Much Does Target Charge for Stamps?

How Much Does Target Charge for Stamps

Target sells USPS postage stamps at face value – they do not add any additional markup or charge over the standard USPS retail pricing.

Some key details on Target’s stamp pricing:

  • A booklet of 20 Forever First-Class stamps costs the standard $13.20 at Target, or 66 cents per individual stamp.
  • Specialty or commemorative stamps are priced the same as if purchased directly through the USPS.
  • There are no discounts or bulk pricing on stamps at Target – pricing is the same across all quantities.
  • Target also sells other common products like postcards and international postage at standard USPS rates.
  • Prices are consistent nationwide. All Target stores follow the same standard USPS pricing.
  • Stamps sold in self-service kiosks also follow normal USPS pricing without any fees or surcharges.

So customers can count on paying the same fair rates for stamps at Target as they would at their local post office. Target does not seek to profit off selling USPS products. Check usps.com for current pricing if unsure of standard stamp rates.

Does Target Sell Single Stamps?

Does Target Sell Single Stamps

Yes, Target does sell individual stamps in addition to full books and coils. However, the selection of single stamps may be more limited compared to what you can find at the post office.

Here are some key points about buying single stamps at Target:

  • Single Forever Stamps can be purchased individually at the customer service desk.
  • Other first-class postage like 2-ounce or postcard stamps may be available as singles.
  • Specialty commemorative stamps are typically only sold in full sheets at Target.
  • The self-service kiosks, if available, may offer a wider variety of single stamps.
  • Denominations above the 1-ounce letter rate are unlikely to be found as singles.
  • Quantity will be limited – likely only 2-5 of a certain single stamp available for walk-in purchase.
  • If Target is out of singles, a full booklet or coils would need to be purchased.

So while single stamp purchases are possible at Target locations, selection is narrower and quantities smaller versus the post office. Calling ahead to check availability of specific single stamps is recommended.

FAQS – Does Target Sell Stamps?

FAQS - Does Target Sell Stamps

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Target selling stamps:
Does Target sell stamps?
Yes, most Target retail stores sell select USPS postage stamps at customer service desks. Stamps may also be available at self-service kiosks if the store has a pharmacy.
What types of stamps does Target have?
Target typically carries Forever Stamps, 1st class stamps, and limited commemorative/holiday stamps. Specialty stamps are less common.
Are stamps cheaper at Target?
No, stamp prices at Target match the published USPS pricing. There are no discounts.
Can I buy stamps online for pickup?
Unfortunately, Target does not currently offer online ordering or pickup for stamps. They must be purchased in person.
Do all Targets sell stamps?
Most locations sell stamps, but select stores may not. Calling ahead is recommended to verify stamp availability at your local Target.
Where are stamps located in Target stores?
The customer service desk is the primary location for stamp sales. Pharmacy kiosks and some lanes may also have them.
Can I buy individual stamps at Target?
Yes, singles are available but selection is limited compared to full books and coils. Call ahead to check on specific stamps.
So in summary – Target does sell stamps in-store at customer service counters, but with a more restricted selection than the post office. Prices align with standard USPS retail rates.


In summary, Target does sell stamps at most of its store locations.
Stamps can typically be found at the customer service desk or lanes. The selection of stamps available includes forever stamps, international stamps, and special occasion stamps.
Target sells booklets of stamps in various denominations, allowing customers to purchase the amount they need. While the stamp selection is somewhat limited compared to the post office, Target provides a convenient option for purchasing basic postage stamps while shopping for other items.
By offering stamps, Target aims to be a one-stop shop that meets a wide variety of customer needs.
So for those wondering “does Target sell stamps?”, the answer is yes, stamps are available for purchase at Target stores across the country.


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