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USPS Frog Stamps: A Legacy of Nature Appreciation

2019 USPS FROG Stamps Forever Postage Stamps

Do you know the story behind the colorful frog stamps that adorn your envelopes? You might be surprised to learn that USPS frog stamps have a rich history and cultural significance beyond their use as postage. This article will explore these beloved frog stamps’ origins, evolution, and importance.

The Origins of USPS Frog Stamps

USA Postage Stamp Single 1984 Louisiana World Exposition Issue 20 Cents

Image source: Amazon

Despite being a minor addition to a stamp, the tiny frog on the 20-cent Louisiana World Exposition stamp issued in May 1984 marked the beginning of a fascinating story.
The USPS frog stamps have been around since the early 1980s when a group of designers at the Postal Service planned to make a set of stamps for the Louisiana World Exposition. The designers decided to include a small frog in the stamp’s design as it was a popular creature found in the state’s wetlands.
Surprisingly, the USPS got many responses from collectors and nature lovers who liked the frog’s intricate design and natural beauty. The frog’s inclusion was not meant to be the main focus of the stamp, but it caught the attention of collectors and sparked a conversation about the possibility of dedicating an entire set of stamps to frogs.
Thus, the idea for the frog stamp series was born, and it has since become a symbol of the USPS’s commitment to celebrating the beauty of nature through its stamps.

The Evolution of USPS Frog Stamps

Since the release of the first frog stamp in 1984, the USPS has continued to evolve its frog stamp series.

37-cent frog stamp 2003

37¢ frog stamp from the 2003 Reptiles and Amphibians set

Image source: eBay

One of the most notable designs in the collection is the 37-cent frog stamp from the 2003 Reptiles and Amphibians set, which featured a stunning photograph of an ornate chorus frog. This stamp was a significant departure from the previous frog stamps, which mainly featured illustrated designs, and it set the stage for the more realistic approach that would define the series for years to come.

37-cent Kermit the Frog stamp 2005

Image source: Etsy

Another noteworthy USPS frog stamp is the 37-cent Kermit the Frog stamp from the 2005 Jim Henson and the Muppets set. While not a real frog, Kermit is undoubtedly one of the most famous frogs in pop culture, and the stamp served as a fun and playful addition to the series.

39-cent American bullfrog Stamp 2006

39¢ American bullfrog from a Wonders of America stamp 2006

Image source: eBay

Also, the American bullfrog on the 39-cent Wonders of America stamp from 2006 showed how many different kinds of frogs there are in the United States and how unique the bullfrog is to American culture.

2019 USPS FROGS Stamps

The USPS frog stamp series has continued to evolve with the 2019 USPS FROGS First Class Postage Forever Stamps, featuring four different species of frogs in vibrant, lifelike illustrations, demonstrating the continued commitment of the USPS to showcase the beauty of these amazing creatures.

Wrapping Up

Overall, the evolution of the USPS frog stamp series has been an exciting journey, showcasing the artistic and technical skills of designers, photographers, and illustrators. The stamps serve as a testament to the USPS’s commitment to celebrating the beauty of nature and its role as a cultural institution. Whether it’s a realistic photograph of a tree frog or a playful Kermit the Frog illustration, the stamps are a perfect example of how stamps can capture and celebrate the diversity of life around us.
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