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Top 10 Most Beautiful Holiday Stamps of All Time

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As the holiday season approaches, many people eagerly anticipate the arrival of festive greetings from their loved ones. And what better way to send a message of joy and cheer than with a beautiful holiday stamp?
With so many designs, selecting your ideal holiday stamps can be challenging. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 most beautiful holiday stamps of all time, featuring various stunning designs that will add magic to any holiday message. Now sit back, grab a cup of cocoa, and let’s dive in!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (2014)

2014 USPS Forever Stamp – Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

The beloved character Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer graces this colorful stamp from 2014. Designed by the art director Greg Breeding, the stamp features a close-up of Rudolph’s smiling face, complete with his signature red nose. The significance of this stamp lies in Rudolph’s status as a cultural icon and symbol of Christmas cheer. Rudolph’s story has been told and retold in countless books, movies, and songs, and his image has become synonymous with the holiday season. The Stamp’s release was met with great enthusiasm and quickly became a fan favorite.

Christmas Candle Forever Stamps (2016)

Add some extra light to your holiday cards with these beautiful Christmas candle stamps. Each of the four designs features a different holiday scene.

These elegant stamps feature four images of glowing candles, each with a unique design. Art director Ethel Kessler of Bethesda, MD, designed the stamps, capturing the warmth and comfort of a cozy holiday gathering.
This beautiful set of stamps features four different Christmas carols: “Jingle Bells,” “Deck the Halls,” “Silent Night,” and “Joy to the World.” And they are a perfect way to spread holiday cheer through the mail.

Sparkling Holidays Forever Stamps (2018)

USPS 2018 holiday stamps with 4 images of Santa Claus. Perfect for adding a touch of holiday spirit to your snail mail!

These glittering stamps feature various festive designs, including a Christmas tree, a star, a snowflake, and an ornament. The stamps created by Haddon Sundblom and released in 2018 will undoubtedly spark any holiday card or letter.
If you’re looking for a beautiful and festive way to send holiday greetings to your loved ones, the Sparkling Holidays Forever Stamps are a great choice. With their eye-catching design and enduring popularity, these stamps will bring joy to anyone who receives them.

A Visit from St. Nick Forever Stamp (2021)

Capture the magic of holiday stamps with USPS' A Visit from St. Nick stamps! Set of 4 Forever stamps featuring classic holiday characters.

This charming stamp depicts a scene from the classic poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” with Santa Claus and his sleigh flying over a snowy town. The 2021 stamp, which Greg Breeding created, captures the awe and excitement of Christmas Eve.
The vibrant colors and intricate details make it a standout addition to any holiday mailing. It’s also an excellent collector’s item for stamp enthusiasts who appreciate the timeless design and significance of St. Nick.

Christmas Holiday Delights Forever Stamp (2020)

Spread holiday cheer with 2020 USPS Forever stamps! 24 festive designs capture the joy and beauty of the season.

These mouth-watering stamps feature images of holiday treats like cookies, candy canes, and gingerbread houses. Designed by art director Antonio Alcalá, the stamps will be issued in 2020 and are a sweet way to send holiday greetings.
The Christmas Holiday Delights Forever Postage Stamps are popular with people who love to add a personal touch to their holiday cards and packages. They are also popular with collectors, who appreciate these stamps’ unique and beautiful designs. Most importantly, they are valid for first-class postage regardless of future price changes.

Holiday Wreaths Forever Stamps (2019)

Deck your mail with cheerful holiday stamp. Get the 2019 USPS Holiday Wreaths Forever Stamps. First-Class Postage. Order Now!

These elegant stamps feature four images of holiday wreaths, each with a unique design. Laura Dowling, formerly the White House’s chief floral designer, created the holiday wreaths stamps. They were released in 2019 and are a classic way to send holiday greetings.
These stamps are significant because they celebrate the festive spirit of the holiday season and can be used to send letters, cards, and packages to loved ones during this time of year. The “forever” designation means the stamps are valid for postage regardless of future price increases, making them a practical and economical choice for sending holiday mail.

Hanukkah Forever Stamps (2022)

This 2022 Hanukkah Forever Stamp features a menorah surrounded by festive lights. This beautiful stamp is perfect for Hanukkah cards and letters.

This beautiful stamp features a menorah with colorful candles and the word “Hanukkah” in bold letters. To commemorate the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, an artist named Jeanette Kuvin Oren created the stamp.
The design of the stamps features a menorah, a special candelabrum with nine branches used during the holiday. People of all ages and backgrounds can appreciate the design’s beauty and meaning. Stamp collectors often seek unique edition stamps, making them a valuable addition to any collection. Whether celebrating Hanukkah or simply appreciating the design’s beauty, these stamps will surely be a treasured addition to your mailing needs.

Day of the Dead Forever Stamps(2021)

Forever holiday stamps commemorating the Day of the Dead, featuring skeletons in traditional Mexican clothing.

This vibrant stamp features a traditional Day of the Dead altar with marigold flowers, candles, and sugar skulls. Designed by Luis Fitch, the stamp was issued in 2021 to celebrate the Mexican holiday of Día de los Muertos.
Día de los Muertos is a traditional celebration that honors deceased loved ones as a formal holiday in Mexico and other parts of Latin America. The Day of the Dead Forever Stamps pay tribute to this rich cultural heritage and serve as a way to share the customs and traditions of this holiday with others. The vibrant designs and rich symbolism make them a beautiful and meaningful addition to any collection or mailing.

Earth Day (Forever Stamps First-class Postage Stamps)

This holiday stamp is a great way to celebrate Earth Day! These first class postage stamps feature the Earth Day design.

Earth Day Forever Stamps are postage stamps that celebrate Earth Day, which falls on April 22nd every year. These stamps feature a round Earth with green and blue color tones, showing the beauty of our planet. The text “Earth Day” is written in a large font on the top of the stamp, emphasizing the importance of this day.
They are significant as they remind us of our responsibility to protect the environment and preserve our planet for future generations. They also remind world leaders and policymakers about the importance of taking action to combat climate change and protect our environment.

Wrapping Up

From the classic Christmas stamps to the unique Hanukkah stamps, many beautiful holiday stamps have graced our mailboxes over the years. The top 10 most beautiful holiday stamps of all time are a testament to the creativity and craftsmanship of the designers who have brought these stamps to life. Whether you’re a stamp collector or enjoy sending and receiving mail, these holiday stamps are a true delight.
As the holiday season approaches, why not add some of these beautiful stamps to your collection or send them to loved ones? By doing so, you’ll not only be adding some festive cheer to your correspondence, but you’ll also be supporting the Postal Service. So, next time you’re at the post office, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the holiday stamps and choose one that speaks to you. You might even inspire someone else to start their own holiday stamp collection. Happy Holidays!


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