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The Must-See Guide to Buying Stamps for Your Wedding Invitations

The Must-See Guide to Buying Stamps for Your Wedding Invitations

Picture this: you’re sitting at your kitchen table, surrounded by stacks of elegant wedding invitations, each waiting to be adorned with the final touch of charm and sophistication.
As you reach for the stamps, you realize the importance of choosing the perfect ones.
After all, these tiny pieces of adhesive will journey alongside your heartfelt invitations, carrying your love and anticipation to the homes of your cherished guests.
Fear not, for this guide is here to assist you in your quest for the ideal stamps for your wedding invitations.
With research-backed insights and a touch of personal experience, we’ll navigate the world of postage, ensuring that every envelope bears a stamp that truly captures the essence of your special day.
So, let’s dive in and uncover the must-see guide to buying stamps for your wedding invitations.

How Much Do Wedding Stamps Cost?

How Much Do Wedding Postage Stamps Cost?

Are you wondering about the price tags associated with wedding stamps? Knowing the cost of these basics is critical to budgeting and planning your dream wedding.

When it comes to wedding stamps, several factors can affect their cost. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Weight and Size: The weight and size of your wedding invitation will affect postage. Heavier or larger invitations may require additional mailing due to increased handling and shipping requirements. Be sure to take these factors into account when estimating your postage costs.
  2. Destination: Where the invitation is mailed is another key factor in determining the cost. Different postal services have different rates for domestic and international delivery. Keep this in mind when calculating the total cost of stamps for your wedding invitations.
  3. Mailing options: The choice of mailing method will also affect the cost of wedding stamps. Expedited services such as Priority Mail or Express Mail are often more expensive than regular mail options. Consider your needs and budget when deciding which shipping method to use.

To get an accurate estimate of the cost of your wedding stamps, follow these steps:

  1. Check current postal rates: Contact your local postal agency or visit their website. These resources provide weight, dimension, and destination-based prices.
  2. Make a sample invitation: For proper postage, make a sample invitation of the same weight and size as the wedding invitation. Weigh this sample at your post office. Thus, you can compute postage for each invitation set.

Consider these budget-friendly tips to help you keep postage under control:

  1. Simplify the design: Oversized or elaborate invitations add weight, raising postal expenses. Choose streamlined, lightweight designs that fit your style and budget.
  2. Try online RSVP: Invite guests to RSVP online instead of sending a card. This reduces invitation weight and shipping. Technology simplifies and saves RSVPs.
  3. Post office cancellation: Cancel your invitation manually. This ensures unique care, preventing automatic damage. Manual cancellations may save money.

Knowing wedding stamp cost elements helps you budget. Weight, destination, and shipment mode help determine costs. The budget-friendly postage tips above will save you money without sacrificing style or convenience.
Meanwhile, do you know about Forever wedding stamps? If you don’t know much about it, read on.

What Are Forever Wedding Stamps?

What Are Forever Wedding Stamps

Postal agencies make Forever Wedding Stamps for wedding invitations, save-the-date cards, and RSVP boxes.
Romantic or wedding-themed stamps add elegance and purpose to sending.

“Forever” is the stamp’s value. Even if postal charges rise, one-ounce letters can be mailed with forever stamps.
Forever Wedding Stamps can be used to mail a one-ounce letter regardless of postage charge.

Couples planning their nuptials often choose Forever Wedding Stamps to personalize their stationery.
Even if postal rates rise, you can buy them in advance and use them whenever.
Forever Wedding Stamps differ by country and are generally limited-edition or part of wedding or love-themed sets.

So, how many wedding stamps do you use for your wedding invitations?
Read on to find out exactly how many stamps are needed.

How Many Wedding Stamps Do I Need for A Wedding Invitation?

How Many Wedding Stamps Do I Need for A Wedding Invitation

How many wedding stamps you need depends on the invitation’s weight, size, number of enclosures, and country’s postage regulations. Some tips:

Standard one-ounce invitation: If your wedding invitation weighs up to one ounce (28 grams) and fits your postal service’s size criteria, you usually need one stamp with adequate value to cover postage.

RSVP cards, directions, celebration cards, and lodging information strengthen your wedding invitation. Per-ounce (28-gram) postage may rise.

If your wedding invitation exceeds your postal service’s limit size, it may be non-standard mail. Shipping charges may rise.

Bring a prepared invitation with inserts to the post office to calculate wedding stamps. They may weigh it and calculate how much mail you need based on your region and postal restrictions. Visit your country’s postal service website or call customer service for wedding invitation sending instructions.

Since we have mentioned RSVP cards above, there is such a question that many people don’t know: Do RSVP cards need wedding stamps?

Do RSVP Cards Need Wedding Stamps?

Yes, typically, RSVP cards included with wedding invitations require postage stamps.
RSVP stands for “Répondez s’il vous plaît,” which is French for “Please respond.” RSVP cards are included in wedding invitations to allow guests to indicate whether they will attend the wedding or not.

When guests get an RSVP card, they should fill it out and send it back to the couple or the person or address on the card. It’s common to put a postage stamp on the RSVP card envelope so that guests can quickly reply. This means that guests can mail back their RSVP without paying anything extra.

The RSVP card will need a certain amount of mail based on its size, weight, and the postal rates in your country. Check with your local post office or look at the rules set by the mail service in your country to find out how much postage to put on the RSVP card envelope.

Since RSVP cards also need stamps. Then you know Where to buy wedding postage stamps?

Where to Buy Wedding Stamps?

Where to Buy Wedding Postage Stamps

There are several options for purchasing wedding postage stamps:
Wedding stamps can be bought at the post office. They often have wedding-themed stamps.

Many postal services sell stamps online. Check your postal service’s website for an online store. Purchase wedding-themed stamps online.

Third-party stamp websites sell wedding postal stamps. eBay and other stamp merchants often sell historic and valuable wedding stamps.

Wedding stationery retailers may sell wedding stamps. Ask if they sell stamps with wedding invites.

In addition, if you want to buy satisfactory wedding stamps, it is not so simple. We have also prepared some tips for you to choose wedding stamps.

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Stamps

Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Stamps

Theme and Design: Find stamps that match your wedding theme. Floral patterns, beautiful motifs, and love symbols fit your wedding theme. Wedding stamps commonly have rings, hearts, or bells. Choose stamps that match your wedding style.

Colors and Coordination: Consider your wedding invitation and stationery colors. Stamps should fit your wedding scheme. Coordinating stamp colors with stationery can produce a pleasing look.

Size and Shape: Choose stamps that fit your invites. Make sure they fit without overwhelming the envelope design. Oversized or irregular stamps may require extra postage or not stick to the envelope.

Forever stamps offer flexibility regardless of postage rate changes. Even if postal rates rise before you mail invites, you can buy them in advance.

To send out invites, get wedding stamps ahead of time.
Want more inspiration?
We’ve got you covered.
While custom wedding stamps may be a thing of the past, the USPS still has some really cool wedding invitation stamps. Check out our favorite picks below.

Our Favorite USPS Wedding Stamps

USPS Made of Hearts Forever First-Class Wedding Postage Stamps

USPS Made of Hearts Forever First-Class Wedding Postage Stamps

Anyone looking for heart themed stamps for their wedding invitations can stop their search here.

This adorable stamp features a red heart made up of smaller — you guessed it — hearts!

Contemporary Boutonniere Forever Wedding Postage Stamps

Contemporary Boutonniere Forever Wedding Postage Stamps

The wedding stamp features a photograph of burgundy miniature cymbidiums, succulents and a touch of green hydrangea, arranged by floral designer Carol Caggiano and photographed by Rene Comet, with swirls of variegated lilies.

Trust me, you can’t go wrong with this stamp on your wedding invitations! !

2021 USPS Love Forever Wedding Stamps

2021 USPS Love Forever Wedding Stamps

Here’s another great Forever stamp with a love/wedding theme. This romantic option feels playful and modern, spelling out “love” in bright block letters. Use it as an invitation to a special day or as a save-the-date stamp.


Finally, picking the right wedding invitation stamps can add elegance and personalization to your big day. Consider theme, design, colors, size, and personalization when choosing wedding stamps.
In case of postage rate changes, Forever stamps offer flexibility. Consult your local post office or online resources for unique guidelines or regulations.
With careful planning and attention to detail, your wedding stamps will fulfill their utilitarian purpose and become treasured mementos of your special day.


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