Elvis Presley Stamps (Most Expensive Sold For $30+)

Elvis Presley Stamps (Most Expensive Sold For $30+)

Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, not only left an indelible mark on the world of music but also became an enduring symbol of pop culture.
His influence transcended boundaries, captivating millions of fans across the globe. It comes as no surprise that his iconic image graces the faces of postage stamps, turning ordinary envelopes into mini-tributes to the legendary artist.
These Elvis Presley stamps have become highly sought after by collectors, with some fetching astonishing prices in the market, soaring well beyond the face value of a mere postage stamp.
In fact, the most expensive Elvis Presley stamp ever sold commanded a staggering price of $30 or more! Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of Elvis Presley stamps, where a tiny piece of paper becomes a cherished artifact and a symbol of rock ‘n’ roll history.

Elvis Presley Stamps: Background

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In 1978, a year after the passing of Elvis Presley, Grenada introduced its inaugural postage stamp featuring the legendary musician.
Since then, over 37 countries have issued stamps honoring Elvis, but the most renowned is the 1993 U.S. Postal Service commemorative stamp.
Normally, the Postal Service waits ten years after a well-known figure’s death to issue a commemorative stamp, but in Elvis’s case, controversy surrounding his death caused a delay of 16 years.
After immense public demand, the Postal Service announced the issuance of the stamp, featuring two artworks depicting a young Elvis in the 1950s and a more mature version during his “Aloha from Hawaii” concert in 1973.
The public participated in a national poll, with the 1950s Elvis emerging as the winner. Released in January 1993, the Forever stamp has sold over 500 million copies, surpassing typical commemorative stamp numbers.
Today, these stamps in pristine condition are highly sought after by collectors.
In 2015, the U.S. Postal Service honored Elvis again with a second commemorative stamp, making him the only music artist in the country with such a distinction.
This stamp showcased a captivating black-and-white photo of Elvis, coinciding with the release of his hit compilation, Elvis Forever.

An Overview of Elvis Presley Stamps

An Overview of Elvis Presley Stamps

Throughout the years, numerous stamps have been dedicated to Elvis Presley, making it difficult to determine the exact quantity in circulation.
According to Stamp World, the count could potentially reach as high as 1707!
In this article, we highlight a selection of the widely seen and captivating Elvis stamps found worldwide.

1993 U.S. Postal Service Commemorative 29 Cent Stamp (Forever Stamp)

● Issue date: 1993
● Issuing country: USA
● Value: 1 stamp = $2-$3; 1 sheet of mint condition stamps = $10-$35
● Auction record: 19 Sheets of 1993 USPS Elvis Presley 29 Cent Stamps in mint condition $140!
Renowned as one of America’s most beloved stamps, the 29¢ Elvis Presley stamp issued by the US Postal Service in 1993 remains highly cherished.
The winning design, created by artist Mark Stutzman, showcases a vibrant airbrush and acrylic painting.
It depicts a youthful Elvis from the 1950s, exuding his iconic charm as he sings into a microphone grasped in his hand.
Adorned in a yellow suit, Elvis wears his signature smile with a mischievous gleam in his eye, against a dazzling pink background.
These stamps are still available from private sellers in rolls or sheets, maintaining their pristine condition.
Being “forever stamps,” they retain their validity as a form of first-class postage and hold the same value as current first-class postage rates.

2015 U.S. Postal Service Commemorative 29 Cent Stamp (Forever Stamp)

2015 U.S. Postal Service Commemorative 29 Cent Stamp

● Issue date: 2015
● Issuing country: USA
● Value: 1 stamp = $2-$3; 1 sheet of mint condition stamps = $10-$35
● Auction record: 8 Sheets of 2015 USPS Elvis Presley 29 Cent Stamps in mint condition, $80!
The Elvis Forever stamp, released in 2015 as part of the USPS Music Icon series, made its debut during the annual Elvis Week celebration.
The design featured a captivating black and white portrait crafted by Antonio Alcala and Leslie Badani, inspired by a striking photograph taken by William Speer in 1995.
Positioned to the right of Elvis’s head, his signature appears in gold, while a small gold crown, symbolizing his reign as the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, adorns the space between the words “forever” and “USA.”
Similar to the 1993 commemorative stamps, these Elvis Forever stamps can be purchased today in mint condition and remain valid for postage. However, due to their lesser iconic status, they generally sell for lower prices compared to the 1993 stamps.

Elvis Presley 70th Anniversary Stamps

Elvis Presley 70th Anniversary Stamps

● Issue date: 2005
● Issuing country: São Tomé and Príncipe
● Value: 1 sheet of mint condition stamps = $30
● Auction record:
Elvis Presley’s iconic stature reached far beyond the United States, leading numerous countries to issue stamps honoring the legendary star.
Among them, the Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe released a remarkable set of stamps commemorating Elvis’s 70th birthday anniversary.
This collection comprises nine distinct stamps, each showcasing a unique image. Notably, one stamp captures the memorable moment of Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley together, taken from The Frank Sinatra Timex Show: Welcome Home Elvis.
While these stamps retain their official validity and can be used for postage when unfranked, it’s important to note that most of them were primarily intended as collectible items.
As a result, many of the stamps were precancelled, emphasizing their status as treasured collectibles.

Elvis Presley 75th Anniversary Stamps

Elvis Presley 75th Anniversary Stamps

● Issue date: 2010
● Issuing country: Grenada
● Value: 1 sheet of mint condition stamps = $20-$30
Presenting a distinctive collection of four commemorative stamps, adorned with the artwork of renowned rock artist Joe Petruccio.
Each stamp showcases a unique portrait of Elvis at different stages of his life. The first captures him as a young child, the second immortalizes his 50s persona, while the third and fourth portray Elvis in the 60s and 70s, representing different eras of his iconic career.
These stamps were released on the occasion of Elvis’s 75th birthday anniversary. While a substantial quantity of stamps was issued, it’s important to note that while they hold postal validity, many were primarily created with collectors in mind. Additionally, several other countries such as Tuvalu, St. Vincent, Togo, Sierra Leone, and Liberia also commemorated the 75th anniversary of Elvis’s birth through their own stamp releases.

Other Elvis Presley Stamps: Value Chart

Here’s a quick guide to other kinds of Elvis Presley stamps out there, and their average values.
Please note that values are subject to change and may be influenced by other factors such as condition and edition, for example if the stamps are part of a precancelled collector’s pack or collection book.

Issuing CountryIssue YearThemeValue
Antigua2013Records: Sun Don’t Shine, Puppet on a String, Fame and Fortune$13-$15
Grenada2012Elvis in the movies$18-$23
Liberia2014Gold foil, photograph$20-$23
Madagascar2022Elvis and motorbikes$30-$40
Micronesia2014Gold foil, photograph$10-$20
St. Vincent199215th anniversary of death$30
from vipartfair

Buying Elvis Presley Stamps

When it comes to buying Elvis Presley stamps, there are a few options available to collectors and enthusiasts. Here are some avenues to consider:
● Philatelic Dealers: Philatelic dealers specialize in buying and selling stamps. They often have a wide range of Elvis Presley stamps in their inventory. You can visit their physical stores or explore their online platforms to browse and purchase the stamps that interest you.
● Online Marketplaces: Online marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, and Delcampe offer a vast selection of stamps, including Elvis Presley stamps. These platforms allow you to search for specific stamps, compare prices, and purchase directly from sellers.
● Stamp Shows and Exhibitions: Attending stamp shows and exhibitions provides an excellent opportunity to explore various stamp collections, including those featuring Elvis Presley. You can interact with dealers and collectors, find unique pieces, and make purchases directly at these events.
● Stamp Auctions: Keep an eye out for stamp auctions, both online and offline. Auctions offer a chance to acquire rare and valuable stamps, including special editions and limited releases. Conduct research beforehand to identify upcoming auctions that feature Elvis Presley stamps.
● Online Stamp Retailers: Several online retailers specialize in selling stamps, and they often have dedicated sections for Elvis Presley stamps. These retailers provide a convenient way to browse, select, and purchase stamps from the comfort of your home.
Remember to verify the authenticity and condition of the stamps before making a purchase. Consider factors like rarity, edition, and overall demand to determine the value and potential investment worth of the stamps. Happy collecting!


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