Does Walmart Sell Stamps, Where Can I Buy Stamps Besides The Post Office

Does Walmart Sell Stamps? (Updated 2023)

With more than 4,700 retail locations in the U.S., Walmart is the store of choice for everything from groceries to home supplies to auto service and prescription drugs. But when you need to mail a letter or package, you might wonder: Does Walmart sell stamps?
In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of Walmart’s stamp offerings, including the types of stamps sold, where to find stamps in-store, and any other mailing services offered.
With these key details in place, Walmart can become a one-stop shop for all your mailing needs.
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Does Walmart Sell Stamps?

Does Walmart Sell Stamps

While shopping for groceries and other essentials at your local Walmart Supercenter, you may need to mail a letter or package. Which leads to the key question: does Walmart sell stamps?

The answer is yes; you can conveniently purchase stamps at the store for all your mailing needs.
While inventory varies by location, most Walmart stores carry a range of common stamp types and denominations, including the popular Forever stamps, Priority Mail stamps, Worldwide stamps, and seasonal special edition stamps. Available as individual stamps and a complete booklet.

In addition to selling stamps for mailing letters and packages, many Walmart stores offer other convenient postal services. You can ship packages via USPS, FedEx, or UPS, buy a money order, look up your zip code, and have your package weighed to calculate the exact postage you’ll need.

So besides some of the types we mentioned, what other types of stamps does Walmart sell? Read on!

What Kind Of Stamps Does Walmart Sell?

What Kind Of Stamps Does Walmart Sell

When you need to mail a letter or package, it’s convenient to know that you can purchase stamps right at your local Walmart store. But what kind of stamps exactly does Walmart offer?

Walmart provides a range of highly popular and commonly used stamp types and denominations to meet all your mailing and shipping needs. The most frequently purchased stamps at Walmart are Forever Stamps. These allow you to mail standard 1-ounce letters no matter what the current postal rates are. Forever stamps remain valid even if prices increase in the future.

You’ll also find First-Class Mail stamps sold in books at denominations like $0.66 for mailing standard postcards, letters, and small packages through regular USPS delivery. For shipping packages faster, Walmart sells Priority Mail stamps with special eagle designs at rates based on weight and box size.

For international mail, you can pick up Global Forever stamps or international postage at Walmart for sending letters and postcards abroad to other countries. The stamps will be marked with the word “global” or “international.”

And for mailing letters with seasonal flair, Walmart stocks a variety of special edition stamps around holidays and for causes, pop culture icons, and more. These commemorative stamps are available for a limited time.

So whether you need workhorse Forever Stamps, domestic postage, or special stamps to celebrate a holiday or event, your local Walmart carries a convenient selection of the most popular stamp types used for all your mailing needs right at the customer service desk.

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How Much Do Walmart Stamps Cost?

How Much Do Walmart Stamps Cost

The next important aspect to consider is pricing. Walmart strives to provide affordable options for its customers, and postage stamps are no exception.
Generally, the pricing of stamps at Walmart aligns with the rates set by the United States Postal Service (USPS). However, it’s worth noting that in some cases, Walmart may offer slight discounts or bundle deals for bulk purchases.
This can be helpful if you know you’ll need a lot of stamps or want to save some for later. Watch for promotions or special offers that may provide additional savings on stamps at Walmart.
I’m guessing you can’t wait to buy stamps inside Walmart, so where can you buy them?

Where To Buy Stamps At Walmart?

Where To Buy Stamps At Walmart

When purchasing stamps at Walmart, you have a few options about where to find them within the store. As I have mentioned before, here are the most common places where you can buy stamps at Walmart:
Customer Service Desk
The customer service desk is usually Walmart’s go-to location for buying stamps. Approach the desk and inquire about purchasing stamps. The friendly Walmart staff will assist you in choosing the stamps you need and completing your purchase.
Checkout Lanes
Another convenient option is to check for stamps at the checkout lanes. Many Walmart stores have a dedicated section near the cash registers where you can find stamps. Look for signs or ask the cashier to guide you to the stamp selection.
Self-Service Kiosk
Self-service kiosks can be found in some bigger Walmart shops near the customer service desk or in the shipping and sending section. You can use these machines to weigh your mail, print shipping labels, check packages, and buy stamps.
They offer a self-sufficient option for handling your mailing needs. Remember, Walmart aims to make your stamp-buying process as convenient as possible. If you need help, feel free to ask the friendly staff.
Now that we know exactly where it will be, here’s when you can buy these stamps.

When Can You Buy Walmart Stamps?

When Can You Buy Walmart Stamps

Only some parts of Walmart are always open. If you want to know when you can buy stamps at Walmart, you must decide where.
Money Center areas and customer service areas have specific opening hours for stamps.
Walmart itself is usually open 24/7, but those specific areas are not. Most places shut down around 5 or 8 o’clock. On select days, some stay open till 9 o’clock.
To find out when the Money Center and customer service desks are open, check your store online or call them. Sometimes, you can find stamps in these areas even if a co-worker is absent.
However, You will have to wait until the next day or look in another Walmart location if they are locked out of that one.
If your Walmart is open 24 hours a day, you can buy stamps at 3 am. Remember that there are certain times of the year when the availability of stamps can be low.
For example, during the holidays, people send gifts to friends and family, which can lead to a spike in stamp usage. After everyone has browsed through all the stamps, it may be harder to find stamps later in the day.
During the peak holiday season, buying stamps early in the morning is best if you want to purchase them at Walmart.

FAQs: Does Walmart Sell Stamps?

FAQs: Does Walmart Sell Stamps

Does Walmart offer any additional mailing supplies?
In addition to stamps, Walmart may provide other mailing supplies such as envelopes, packaging materials, and bubble mailers to support your shipping needs.
Remember, availability and services vary by store, so it’s always best to check with your local Walmart or their website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.
Does Sell Stamps?
The good news is that you can find stamps at Walmart’s online store and purchase them from the online website.
There are even stamp styles on that you need help getting in their shops. Consider looking into the stamps you use if you are picky about it. Just like in real shops, there are a lot of different sizes.
Are stamp books cheaper than stamp rolls at Walmart?
Actually, Walmart stamp books are cheaper than Walmart stamp rolls. The reason for this is the manufacturing cost of the materials used.
This makes Walmart book stamps expensive. Stamp rolls are easy to manufacture and require much less material than stamp books.
Therefore, you can easily know the cost of book stamps. If you are saving money and want to invest long-term, you can opt for stamp rolls.


In conclusion, Walmart is indeed a reliable source for purchasing postage stamps. With its widespread presence and commitment to customer convenience, Walmart ensures that stamps are readily available at many locations.
From various designs to competitive pricing and additional services, Walmart aims to make your stamp purchasing experience seamless.
So, the next time you’re at Walmart and need stamps, head to the customer service desk or checkout lanes to fulfill your mailing needs. Happy stamp shopping!


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