Does FedEx Deliver on Sunday?

Does FedEx Deliver on Sunday?

Does FedEx Deliver on Sunday?

In a world where time is of the essence, the convenience of weekend deliveries has become increasingly important.
When it comes to reliable and efficient shipping services, FedEx is a name that resonates. But the burning question remains: Does FedEx deliver on Sunday?
Buckle up as we dive into the realm of weekend deliveries, exploring the possibilities, benefits, and surprises that await those seeking to unlock the power of Sunday shipments with FedEx.
Get ready to redefine your expectations and discover a whole new level of convenience in the world of logistics!

Does FedEx Deliver on Sunday?

Whether FedEx delivers on Sundays or not is a common question that many customers have. The answer depends on the type of FedEx service you are using.
FedEx does offer limited Sunday delivery options, but not all services are available seven days a week.
For example:
For most FedEx Express services, including FedEx First Overnight, Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight, 2Day A.M., 2Day, and Express Saver, there are deliveries Monday through Saturday but no scheduled Sunday delivery. The exception is FedEx Custom Critical, which provides delivery any day of the week, including Sundays and holidays.

FedEx Ground packages are not delivered on Sundays. The ground network operates Monday through Saturday, with no ground deliveries on Sundays. FedEx Home Delivery, which is the residential delivery service of FedEx Ground, also only operates Monday through Saturday.

Select FedEx Freight services are available for Sunday delivery, depending on origin and destination. This includes the delivery of expedited freight on Sundays.

FedEx SameDay, which offers urgent deliveries within hours, provides service for Sunday deliveries depending on availability in your area. You can get quotes and check if SameDay operates on Sundays in your location when scheduling a pickup.

So in summary, FedEx does offer some Sunday delivery options on certain shipping services, but Sunday delivery is not universally available across all FedEx offerings. Check your specific service type to see if FedEx will deliver your package on a Sunday.

Will FedEx Deliver on Sundays in My Area?

Will FedEx Deliver on Sundays in My Area

Whether FedEx offers Sunday delivery depends on your exact location and the shipping service used.

For FedEx Home Delivery residential packages, Sunday delivery is not available anywhere. All Home Delivery routes operate Monday through Saturday nationwide.

For businesses, you can check FedEx Express and FedEx Freight Sunday service maps on Enter your zip code and select the “Sunday delivery” map view. This will indicate if your area falls within a Sunday delivery region.

For example, FedEx Express Sunday delivery is available in certain parts of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, San Diego and other major cities. But it may not cover entire metro areas.

To check FedEx SameDay Sunday availability, you must enter a specific address during a delivery quote on SameDay operates Sundays in select high-density areas of major cities.

You can also call 1-800-GoFedEx and provide your address. A customer service agent can check system maps and confirm if FedEx offers Sunday pickups and deliveries for your location. Specify that you need to know about FedEx Express, Freight or SameDay service specifically.

What Time Does FedEx Deliver By On Sundays?

For the FedEx services that operate on Sundays, the delivery times are often earlier than regular weekday delivery times.

FedEx Custom Critical provides early morning deliveries on Sundays, with arrival times starting as early as 7AM depending on destination.

For FedEx Express shipments, Sunday delivery times have a cutoff of 12PM (noon) for most areas. So Sunday Express packages must arrive by midday in eligible locations.

FedEx SameDay offers delivery on Sundays within hours, with options for 2-hour, 3-hour and 5-hour delivery windows depending on origin and destination. You can select a Sunday SameDay time when booking a pickup.

For FedEx Freight, both regular and expedited Sunday freight deliveries generally arrive earlier in the day compared to weekday delivery times.

Does FedEx Deliver on Sunday During Holidays?

Does FedEx Deliver on Sunday During Holidays

Yes. FedEx delivers on Sundays during holidays.
However, only limited shipping services are available. It also depends on the type of shipping, whether domestic or international.
Down below is a table showing the holidays that FedEx observe and their shipping schedules on those days:

Martin Luther King Jr. Day: 1/17FedEx Express®Modified service1FedEx Ground®OpenFedEx Home Delivery®Open
Presidents Day: 2/21FedEx Express®Modified service1FedEx Ground®OpenFedEx Home Delivery®Open
Good Friday to Easter: 4/15–4/18
4/15FedEx Express®Modified service2FedEx Ground®OpenFedEx Home Delivery®Open
Memorial Day: 5/27—5/31
5/27FedEx Express®OpenFedEx Ground®OpenFedEx Home Delivery®Open
Independence Day: 7/1–7/5
7/1FedEx Express®Modified service1FedEx Ground®OpenFedEx Home Delivery®Open
7/2Modified service2OpenOpen
Labor Day: 9/2–9/6
9/2FedEx Express®OpenFedEx Ground®OpenFedEx Home Delivery®Open
Columbus Day: 10/10FedEx Express®OpenFedEx Ground®OpenFedEx Home Delivery®Open
Veteran’s Day: 11/11FedEx Express®OpenFedEx Ground®OpenFedEx Home Delivery®Open
Thanksgiving: 11/23–11/27
12/17FedEx Express®OpenFedEx Ground®ClosedFedEx Home Delivery®Open
12/23Modified service3OpenOpen
12/24Modified service3ClosedModified service4
New Year’s: 12/27/22–1/2/23
12/27FedEx Express®OpenFedEx Ground®OpenFedEx Home Delivery®Open
12/30Modified service1OpenOpen
12/31Modified service2ClosedModified service4
Does FedEx Deliver on Sunday During Holidays

Is There An Extra Fee for Sunday FedEx Delivery?

Is There An Extra Fee for Sunday FedEx Delivery

FedEx does not charge an additional fee for Sunday deliveries.
This means that if you drop off your package at a local FedEx location on Thursday, it will be delivered on Sunday.
In contrast, with USPS, if you send a package on Thursday that takes three days to arrive, it won’t be delivered until Monday because Sunday is not a working day for USPS, and the mail remains in the carrier’s office.
This can be frustrating, even on the best of days. However, with FedEx, your package will be delivered on Sunday.
This reliability is comparable to the delivery dates displayed by Amazon Prime, where packages scheduled for Sunday delivery are often handled by FedEx.

Will FedEx Pick Up on Sunday?

Will FedEx Pick Up on Sunday

If you opt for overnight delivery, FedEx can collect packages from customers on both Saturdays and Sundays and deliver them as early as Monday.
This is particularly beneficial for businesses dealing with urgent customer orders.
However, it’s important to note that weekend pickup services are exclusively available to qualified shippers. These shippers are typically large businesses that ship 250 or more packages per day and are serviced by a FedEx Ground Center.
Additionally, they need to have a registered trailer for pickup. The term “trailers” mentioned refers to FedEx trailers stationed at the shipper’s facility, and it is not customary to relocate the trailer’s contents to a different location.
Presently, FedEx operates 39 regional centers throughout the United States.

How to know If Your Package Will Arrive on Sunday

How to know If Your Package Will Arrive on Sunday

You cannot definitively know if your package will be delivered on a Sunday unless the sender has explicitly specified a delivery date.
For instance, when ordering from Amazon Prime, you will see the selected delivery date. Without such information, estimating the delivery date becomes uncertain.
FedEx Home Delivery typically takes 1 to 5 days for continental US shipments and 3 to 7 days for Hawaii and Alaska.
Therefore, if you are located within the continental US and a package is shipped to you on Thursday, it could arrive anywhere between Friday and Tuesday.
Conversely, if a package is shipped on Tuesday and has not arrived by Saturday, there is a good chance it will be delivered on the fifth day, Sunday.
Nevertheless, these estimations do not guarantee the exact arrival date. To have a more accurate understanding, it is advisable to check the tracking information for your package, as it provides the FedEx estimated delivery date.
Relying on this information will give you the best indication of when your package is expected to arrive.

Benefite of FedEx Sunday Delivery

Benefite of FedEx Sunday Delivery

The FedEx Sunday delivery service offers several benefits to customers. Here are some key advantages of FedEx Sunday delivery:
● Convenience: Sunday delivery provides added convenience for customers who may not be available to receive packages on weekdays due to work or other commitments. It allows recipients to receive their shipments over the weekend when they are more likely to be at home.
● Faster Delivery: Sunday delivery ensures faster shipping times for urgent or time-sensitive packages. It allows businesses and individuals to meet tight deadlines and deliver goods promptly to their customers.
● Improved Supply Chain Efficiency: Sunday delivery can enhance supply chain efficiency by reducing bottlenecks and streamlining the movement of goods. It helps to ensure smoother operations and timely fulfillment, benefiting businesses that rely on efficient logistics.
● Enhanced Flexibility: With Sunday delivery, customers have greater flexibility in planning and receiving their shipments. They can choose a delivery option that aligns with their specific needs and preferences, making the shipping process more convenient.
Overall, FedEx Sunday delivery offers increased convenience, faster shipping, expanded service options, and a competitive advantage. It improves the overall customer experience and supports businesses in meeting customer demands for timely delivery.

Benefite of FedEx Sunday Delivery


In conclusion, FedEx does offer Sunday delivery services, providing added convenience and faster shipping options for customers. Sunday delivery enhances the overall customer experience, offers competitive advantages for businesses, and supports the growing demands of e-commerce. It allows recipients to receive packages on weekends, meets tight deadlines, and improves supply chain efficiency. With FedEx Sunday delivery, customers can enjoy greater flexibility, timely deliveries for special occasions, and an expanded range of service options.

Does FedEx Deliver on Sunday


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