Do Forever Stamps Expire

Do Forever Stamps Expire In 2023?

Do Forever Stamps Expire In 2023?

Will Forever stamps expire in 2023? For generations, Americans have cherished Forever stamps for postal correspondence. But many wonder if their older stamps will still be valid years later. The good news is Forever stamps were designed by the United States Postal Service to never expire, regardless of changing postage rates. So rest assured—those dusty Forever stamps from years past can still be used in 2023 and beyond! Read on to learn why Forever stamps remain eternally valid even decades after purchase.

What Are Forever Stamps?

What Are Forever Stamps?

Forever stamps are a type of postage stamp issued by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that maintain their validity even after any future changes in the cost of First-Class Mail stamps.

The value and validity of a Forever stamp is not tied to a particular rate. Forever stamps can be used to mail letters anytime in the future, regardless of price changes for 1 ounce letters.

Good Idea:Forever stamps are a good choice if you expect to use them in the future when postal rates may increase.

First introduced in 2007, Forever stamps serve as hedges against future postal rate hikes. The USPS has increased the cost of First-Class Mail stamps many times over the years. But Forever stamps remain valid at the 1 ounce letter rate even after a price change takes effect.

Forever stamps are sold year-round and don’t need any additional postage when mailing a standard 1 ounce letter, now or in the future.

How Much Do Forever Stamps Cost?

How Much Do Forever Stamps Cost

The current cost for a Forever stamp is 66 cents. This rate has been in effect since July 2023 after the United States Postal Service (USPS) filed for a price adjustment.

Forever stamps can be purchased individually or in booklets starting at $7.20 for a book of 12 stamps. There are also Forever stamp coils and sheets available.

Tips: Buying Forever stamps in bulk can save money if you plan to mail a lot of 1 oz. letters in the future.

While the denominations printed on Forever stamps may vary, their value is always equivalent to the current First-Class Mail 1 ounce letter price. For instance, some Forever stamps still show “$0.55” but are valid for 66 cents postage when used today.

The cost of Forever stamps may increase in the future the next time USPS files for a price adjustment. But Forever stamps purchased at 66 cents (or any past rate) will still cover a 1 ounce letter after any price hike.

Do Forever Stamps Expire?

Do Forever Stamps Expire?

Forever stamps do not expire and remain valid for use on 1 ounce letters indefinitely. There is no time limit on when a Forever stamp can be used after purchasing.

Even if there is a price increase from the United States Postal Service (USPS), Forever stamps bought at the former rate will still cover the cost of postage for a 1 ounce First-Class letter.

Write the purchase date on Forever stamp booklets/rolls so you know when you bought them. But don’t worry, they never go bad!

The Postal Service designed Forever stamps to be valid forever, despite any future postage rate changes. As long as you use them on regular 1 ounce letters, there is no expiration date for Forever stamps.

Some special commemorative stamps may only be valid for a limited time. But the standard Forever stamp purchased at the Post Office can be used indefinitely into the future. They were created by USPS to provide a convenient, forever valid stamp option.

How Long Are Forever Stamps Good For?

How Long Are Forever Stamps Good For?

For stamp collectors tired of constantly purchasing new books, the invention of the Forever stamp was a game changer. Forever stamps are good for an unlimited amount of time and will always be valid for mailing 1 ounce letters.The United States Postal Service (USPS) designed Forever stamps to remain valid even after future postage rate increases. There is no expiration date on Forever stamps, so they can be used years or even decades after purchase.

Fun fact: One of the first Forever stamps issued in 2007 pictured the Liberty Bell. Some of those are still used today!

As long as the USPS continues selling Forever stamps, any Forever stamps bought in the past can be used. You don’t have to worry about Forever stamps expiring or becoming invalid. They are good for mailing 1 ounce letters forever, regardless of when purchased.

So feel free to stock up on Forever stamps. Even if a price increase happens down the road, your older Forever stamps will remain good for postage. They are one less thing to worry about expiring!


As we’ve explored, Forever stamps provide a convenient way to cover future postage rate increases by remaining valid after purchase. In 2023, Forever stamps are still valid and do not have expiration dates. This is because Forever stamps are designed by USPS to always be sufficient for mailing a 1 ounce First-Class letter at the current rate.

The cost of Forever stamps in 2023 is 66 cents. Any Forever stamps bought previously for lower rates like 55 cents are still usable today. There is no need to rush and use up any Forever stamps this year thinking they may expire. They can be saved indefinitely for future mailings.

The Postal Service will continue selling Forever stamps in the years ahead. Customers can buy them with confidence knowing these stamps stay valid and never expire. So rest assured – Forever stamps purchased now or in the past remain good for postage in 2023 and beyond!


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